Since the invasion (Known as Liberation) of Goa in the 60s newspapers were read by just a few people. Due to lack of demand the printing premises were smaller. A place as large as Cuncolim would be lucky to have sold 100 copies of the daily paper. Yet in the news and gossip travelled faster at its pace through word of mouth.
Early morning Bakers and Milkmen on their cycles would not only carry their products from village to village, but would also carry any news they would pick up on their way. So did the fishmongers and vegetable vendors. Not forgetting the toddy tappers they would see everything from the top of the tree.
Obituaries would be carried out by paid. The Pedho (town Crier) would go with a drum or a bell to villages and announce (pergao) the deaths, time of funerals. He was also used to announce of any meetings that were to take place.
During the opinion poll in 1967 was not much different the pace of communication was still slower compared to today. Telephone lines were deliberately cut or jammed specially in the south of Goa. If one remembers the Comiaos (buses), cycles and some motorcycles were a useful source of transport and convey messages from place to place. Motor cars were a luxury for the rich and were used important matters. Amidst all the struggle we won the opinion poll. The press did their Job, the greatest achievement was the unity among the Muslims, Catholics ant Hindus. The Theme was "Konknne Cristao Musolman Ami Baov Baouv” Where is that unity now?
Today we leave in a high tech world where computers, radio receivers and televisions are capable of caring news at a faster pace. And yet we are unable to unite and save Goa. The media has made it their mission to be controlled by politicians.
Can we rely on Goan media to join the fight in cleaning Goa for good?


Chandracant Canaconcar said...

Desculpe Sr. Diogo,  Que nunca pode acontecer.  The Goans are used to live in the mud slick and will never think of uniting and that is why the ghanttis have taken over our beloved Goa and that is how the roque politicians are thriving. 

Benjamin Dias said...

Dr. Jack Sequeira had shown a way to unite during the opinion poll, but now the present set of corrupt and chor ministers are preaching disunity and Goa is getting lost day by day. 

John Collaco said...


Let me put it this way.

There is no standard formula or recipe
to unite Coans. In the present situation unity among Goans is next to
impossible. It is in essence contradictory and the twain is
impossible to fructify. However all is not lost. Here is what is

The Goan diaspora needs to shed the
crab mentality and learn to amicably agree to disagree. Take a look
at any of the Goans who come on the general internet forum for people
interested in Goa to meet and talk about Goa . One Goan comes with
some suggestions another comes up with vehement criticism and
opposition to the same. I have seen some brilliant Goans who are
compelling writers and can use this talent to propagate a well
organized propaganda to destabilize the present corrupt system run by
a few corrupt men elected by none other than the Goan electorate. We
are caught in a vicious circle, a difficult one to break from. At any
given time if you scan Goan sites you will surely observe Goans
fighting and castigating each other over petty matters. It is
apparent that they are politically inclined coteries masquerading as
lovers and protectors of Goa on these sites.

My observation compels me to think that
Goa belongs to Goan who remained back in Goa despite stupendous
opportunities to may it bigger in other countries. They chose to make
Goa their home and bear the brunt of the corrupt system. They have
worked consistently without changing stance or sides solely with one
motive -making Goa a better place.

I strongly believe that if prominent
people like Remo Fernandes, Dr. Francisco Colaco, Mario
Miranda, Claude Alvares, Florian Lobo and the
Goa Su-raj Party, Niz Goenkar and its brilliant crew under Minino
Fernandes and many other Goans who are silently working incognito
for betterment of Goa need to come on a common platform with a consolidated
and simple agenda to eliminate and topple the present Government
along with the puppet opposition which is hand in glove in
disintegrating Goa into the cesspool it is now.
These groups must coalesce into a coherent force. "Great civil-society protest movements - such as those in Egypt and Tunisia - can overthrow a dictatorship, but a true democracy requires parties, negotiations, election rules, and agreement on constitutional changes. In most successful transitions, the first step toward forging the unity required to create an interim government is taken when the diverse groups begin to meet more often, develop common strategies, and issue collective statements."

Can this happen? Is it possible? This
is entirely another debate. But I believe that these are and there
are many others who are capable and can make a difference in
reshaping Goa to its original shape at least to some extent if not

Incidentally Diego is a close friend
and I vouch that he has Goa close to his heart. And yes there are
many other Goans who are physically away but who have Goa close to their

John Da Silva Collaco, California USA

Emediavoice said...

Your Goans themselves have been bondage to the corrupt ministers and how can you talk about unity.Goans are working as secret agents to sell Goa under the flagship of your ministers, priests and related agencies.Some media in Goa are under the direct payroll of these ministers to portray the charity work the masters are engaged with. Unity in Goa is a far cry to the goans abroad and will soon find themselves lost in Goa itself to locate their house of self and ancestors.You don't except any news free or on credit from your milk man, etc....or pay it on monthly basis.

Don Quixote said...

And the fish was cheap, no ice boxes or cold storages. If one would help the fishermen on the beach to pull the net or load fish, the gift that was more than enough for the family and the neighbors. And there were no corrupt, criminal and liar politicians. We almost never heard of drug pushers or addicts until Roy Naik became popular. Crime was minimum and only main towns had police stations with a few officers and constables. Police were not as much corrupt as of today, criminals in uniform. The Panjim Headquaters of of these criminals in uniform wore a deserted look, River Mandovi was as open as the sky, today it is filled with gambling machines in huge Casinos.

Anand Desai Mopa said...

Comrade Diogo; You have brought memories of the past back to our lives. How united we were at the time of the opinion Poll, today it is greed and selfishness that has taken over unity. There is always a glimmer of hope that things will change, We have to learn how to cherish and use that hope to our advantage in unity.
God help Goa and Goans.

Oliver Masky said...

AS long as there is a political stronghold with illegal means of earning money, Goans will never unite as many depend on crumbs from the immoral earnings. To make matters worse we have a dis-honest force dependent on these crooked.

Salvador Seraulim said...

 During school holidays we used to run at 5am from Seraulim to Colva play football on the beach and help the fisher folks haul their catch, we were rewarded with fish. Those were the happiest days where Goans helped each other and stood in unity. Then came dirty politicians and Ghantis introducing crime and corruption into out once peaceful and God fearing Goa.

Papa Razi said...

@ Emediavoice, I agree with you hundred percent. As long as the politicians tie the educated Goans as their pet dogs on their entrance, nothing will change. These political dogs will keep on waging their tails to anyone and everyone till they are fed and spoil Goa forever. These dogs are real chamchas, I would call them stray dogs with political rabies, should first be shot in the head before they infect the whole of Goa.  

Anand Desai Mopa said...

Goa is ruled the Indian and not Goan Way, corruption and crime is part and parcel; of their daily life.

Anand Desai Mopa said...

Goa is ruled the Indian and not Goan Way, corruption and crime is part and parcel; of their daily life.

dlp said...

Don't even talk about Opinion Poll. Most of us were participants in the fight like Diogo, but these current Chors are not bothered about that. For them, it is "Easy Come, Easy Go". Why should they bother about Goa as long as their pockets are getting filled with silver and gold? Do they realize they are getting old and may conk off anytime. Their curses will be on their children and the generations to come.

Diogo Fichardo said...

@Papa Razi As you mentioned about Politicians stray dogs,
Just over a year ago  at I had put up at
"Bay watch Hotel" in Sernabatim, While sitting at the bar I noticed
men in army uniform and machine guns running around the hotel. The staff at the
hotel were stunned so where we, thinking that there was an army coup. The next
day my taxi driver said there was a Mr  Calvert
Gonsalves hiding in the hotel and some politician's supporters from  Colva jumped 
over the hotel wall in search of Mr Gonsalves.  It was to do with a CD he had recorded
regarding a Priest's and a Politician's wrong doing.  The driver too was not a fan of Mr. Gonsalves.
Although the CD was not available at the time I managed to get one . I heard the
songs and found nothing controversial  in
the CD.  So why all the fuss?

As you say Political stray dogs are everywhere in Goa
licking the juicy bone fed by their corrupt political masters. All that energy
and hatred after one man could have been used against corrupt politicans.

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