PANJIM: Archbishop of Goa Filipe Neri Ferrao will be summoned by the Panjim Judicial Magistrate First Class to depose in the 2004 Ribandar Church case in which Adv. Aires Rodrigues and 14 other Ribandar have been charge sheeted on a complaint filed by then Parish Priest of Ribandar Fr. Newton Rodrigues for entering the church and disturbing a church committee meeting. . It will be for the first time that the Archbishop of Goa is being summoned by a Court.
It may be recalled that in 2004 Adv. Aires Rodrigues had submitted a complaint to the Archbishop of Goa against Fr. Newton Rodrigues in connection with alleged molestation of the minor girl but no action was taken by the Church authorities.
Adv. Aires Rodrigues today moved an application before the JMFC Ms Sarika Phaldesai seeking that summons be issued to the Archbishop of Goa and three other witnesses.
The three other witnesses are Mrs. Concecicao Frois, Mr. Michael Fernandes and Superintendent of Police Mr. Bosco George. Adv. Rodrigues today submitted to the Court that he may also have to examine the current Parish Priest of Ribandar Father Alcantra Rodrigues.
Mrs. Conceicao Frois is the mother of the minor girl who was allegedly molested by Fr. Newton Rodrigues while Mr. Michael Fernandes, husband of Ribandar CCP Corporator Vivina Nasnodkar had been a panch witness in the case but had refused to depose in Court. Superintendent of Police Mr. Bosco George who is also a parishioner of Ribandar Church was ADC to Goa Governor S.C. Jamir when the case filed by the mother of the minor girl against Fr. Newton Rodrigues was closed at the behest of the Governor Jamir.
The Court today examined a prosecution witness Mrs. Mica D’Souza who was part of the church committee headed by then Ribandar Parish Priest Fr. Newton Rodrigues. She was today also cross examined by Adv. Aires Rodrigues for over two hours.
The JMFC today adjourned the matter to May 26th for examinig other prosecution witnesses. Judge Sarika Phaldesi will also pronounce her order on May 26th as to whether to issue a standing non-bailable warrant against former Ribandar Parish Priest Fr. Newton Rodrigues who is currently the Pastor of St. Bernadette Church at Calgary in Western Canada.
Adv. Aires Rodrigues has moved an application before the Court seeking that a non-bailable standing warrant be issued against Fr. Newton Rodrigues for having failed to remain present in Court despite summons having been served on him in Canada.
Adv. Aires Rodrigues was leading an agitation demanding action against Fr. Newton Rodrigues for having allegedly molested a 13 year old girl from Ribandar.
While Adv. Rodrigues and others were charge sheeted for confronting Fr. Newton Rodrigues, the case filed against Fr. Newton Rodrigues by the mother of the 13 year old girl who was allegedly molested by Fr. Newton has been closed.
A First Information Report (F.I.R) was registered at the Old Goa Police Station on 18th August 2004 against Fr. Newton Rodrigues for having allegedly molested the minor girl. The F.I.R was registered against Fr. Newton Rodrigues under Sec 354 of Indian Penal Code and Section 8(2) of the Goa Children’s Act. The mother in her complaint to the police had stated that Fr. Newton Rodrigues had taken the minor girl to his bedroom on the pretext of confession and had molested her.
The then Senior Superintendent of Police (Crime) on 30th August 2004 had opined that the Fr. Newton Rodrigues be charge sheeted. The Director of Prosecution had also opined that it was a fit case for charge sheeting Fr Newton Rodrigues.
However then Governor of Goa Mr. S.C Jamir reportedly intervened to save Fr. Newton Rodrigues from being charge sheeted. On 14th July 2005 the case file was sent to Governor S.C. Jamir and on 31st August 2005 the police submitted a report to the Children’s Court that the case against Fr. Newton Rodrigues be closed. Fr. Newton Rodrigues was later relieved from the Archdiocese of Goa and moved to Canada.


Emediavoice said...

Great Adv. Aires Rodrigues and don't step back rather than summon the monster who in the guise of a wolf is preaching in Canada. These cons working under the shadows of Governors and high profile Bishop of Goa needs to be prosecuted. Just go ahead and with your case awaken the people of Goa...Holy people  and all- Justice for all even for the IMF Chief. Goa Church has only one weapon-take the support of individuals and "excommunicate the truth" and this is one of the reason many molested children in Goa has remained shun on the issue since century.

Don Quixote said...

If this was a common citizen, the Corrupt S. C Jamir, the congress agent who was posted in Goa (now recently lost his election in his home town on Congress ticket) would have closed the case? Good work Adv. Aires, this is how public will gain courage to stand with head high. God Bless you. What and who bestowed powers to these appointed dummies as Governors to take decisions?

Gabe said...

 The law has no distinction between the high and mighty and the poor; let us hope this also holds true in Goa/India

Confused-cat said...

The Bishop   is spineless ans has lost control over his priests. They preach anthing they want and the church show no consistency in its policies. For instance Some priests gun for politicains in their sermons while other priests honeymoon with them. People are confused.
A catholic is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea like in mythlogy they say caught between the Scylla and Charbides.
I am from Navelim.
I am caught between the Church and Churchill !!!

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