VERNA: An anti-mining activist was Thursday beaten up by unidentified assailants in South Goa district, allegedly because of his protest against illegal transportation of iron ore near his village, police said.  According to police officials at the Verna police station, Nilesh Gaonkar, resident of Cavrem village and leading protests by villagers against indiscriminate mining and transportation of iron ore, was stopped and beaten up near the Verna industrial estate, 25 km from Panjim.
'We are aware of the assault. A case has been filed against unknown people,' Deputy Superintendent of police Mahesh Gaonkar said.
Nilesh Gaonkar said he was on his way to work when he was assaulted. 'They threatened me not to protest about mining in the area,' said Gaonkar, 24, who works as an engineer at a multinational home appliances manufacturing company in Verna.
Cavrem, 60 km from Panjim, is ringed by four mining leases against which the village residents, mainly tribals, have been complaining alleging illegal mining.  The assault has been condemned by civil society organizations who have been protesting against indiscriminate and illegal mining in the state.
'Cavrem Adivasi Bachao Samiti (CABS), GRA (Goenchea Rakhondarancho Awaz), GXE (Goenchea Xettkarancho Ekvott) condemns the use of violence. We demand that the police should take immediate action against the accused,' a spokesperson for CABS said.


N.Fernandes-London said...

There must be many Politicians involved in this brutality.
Many Goan Politicians have mining interests & licences.....including that UGLY OLD BAG MUMMY ( Victoria Fernandes), who goes on a fast like a cry baby for a seat in the Legislature.


Diomedes said...

 The mining mafia have displayed their cowardice. TWO men armed with an iron rod attacked an unarmed, defenceless, solitary person - Nilesh. Then they fled from the scene, like the cowards that they are.

Is the mafia indulging in illegal mining afraid of the people? The villagers are defenceless people, appealing to a government that defends the mafia and sends the armed police to fight against the defenceless people who are trying to save their village from destruction and ensure their livelihood. . 

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