The three thieves of Salcete namely Luizinho Faleiro, Francisco Sardinha and Churchill Alemao are tryring to make efforts to save each other from the disaster of downfall from within the political frame.
Once upon a time the man who used roam on a scooter and mend his shoes with a roadside “Chamar” (cobbler) Babu Azgaonkar is now become a CHOR and a common thief who looted the Goans during his tenure in politiucs.
He is none other than LUIZINHO FALEIRO the thief of Salcete ranked at No. 1.
The next crook in line is FRANCISCO SARDINHA, another thief of modern times. Ask him as to what he has done for Goa and the answer will be “I have done for myself and grabbed land and plots for my personal use using my powers as a minister.
The third crook is none other than Churchill Alemao, who has fooled Goans and minted money in the name of social work. He sold off himself for a suitcase of money to sign an “Yes” for Mopa Airport despite being a leador of fighting for a “No Mopa Airport”
Can somebody suggest what should be the punishment for these froocs ? I hope people will come out with their answers against these three crooks. – T. Shirodkar


diogofichardo said...

Tie these Guys to the Konkan Railway tracks and let the train do the rest.The Konkan Railway is one of the greatest gift for Non-Goan Criminals coming in and out of Goa. The second will be the Mopa Airport. The third is the National Highways.

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

I have no words towards these bas...tds, if I think about these I feel like to go and ????????? sorry.
What they have done for Goa while in power in Goa and Delhi?. Misery.
God help Goan people to change their minds and save our beloved Goa.
Independece through UN is only solution.

Shubasg Raikar Panjim said...

All the major political thieves are from salcette Lead by Chorchil followed by Ileas then Bardez.

RDM said...

Dear Goan Brothers, the current uprisings going on in Egypt, Tunisia, etc demanding CHANGE to ROTTEN and GOONDA administration should serve as motivation for us. Nothing will happen till there is something like that in Goa.
Ohhh Freedom Fighters!!! The Sagres has departed long ago, where are you ???

Dalia said...

@RDM, I endrose your views and have been telling the people of Goa to educate themselves not to vote these 40 Chors again, to kick the crumb eaters out. The more virus is spread by these crumb eaters. Political lolipops are already out as elections are fast approaching.

Gurudas Lotlikar Margao said...

@ RDM and Dalia, yes we need an uprising but de we Goans have the will? Having put the question to many Goans if they are prepared to start a march against the current Government. The answer from many was I am quite happy with what I have. Goans are no longer warm blooded they are fit to drink and fight each other, seeing this weakness Indians have taken the advantage and are looting Goa helped by our Greedy corrupt politicians.

Jack-of-all said...

Its not only these 3. We all know 99.9% are crooks. But still we vote them, why? Why do we need these guys to rule us ? Some of them didn`t even passed SSC Std. Aren`t there any educated in Goa? It is with us to change things, but still we dont understand and change. why? Ask this question to yourself.
we only know to write blogs, but if we don`t come forward do something, then we will keep on barking and in the meatime, they will keep on robbing us and our Goa.

RDM said...

@Gurudas, What you have mentioned is very true indeed and i fully agree with you. The best we can do is at least motivate and awaken people till we get there. The recent gathering against corruption in Panjim had an audience of just 300 people - which very much supports what you have written. What a shame !!!
It is precisely this 'crab mentality' of us goans that has brought us to- if i may say the brink of extinction in our own state. True the people keep voting for the same crooks again and again beacuse of crumbs and pieces of scrap thrown at the electorate. However, we who have a different sense of awareness and feeling for our state from our sussegad and ignorant goan brothers need to do our best in the current circumstances. Such as making the most of the tools such as internet to stir the movement. Viva Goa !!!

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