CANACONA: Canacona Police arrested three minor boys and a scrap dealer from Davorlim-Navelim in connection with two different thefts in the taluka. According to Canacona Police, two boys were rounded-up on charges of lifting an antic school bell worth Rs 5,000 from Shree Damodar Vidyalaya, Loliem.
Later, police recovered the bell sold to a scrap dealer at Davorlim-Navelim. Police arrested scrap dealer Mohamed Gawas on charges of purchasing theft goods, informed Canacona PI Raju Raut Dessai.
PI Raut Dessai further informed that in the second incident, a minor boy was arrested on charges of robbing a costly DVD and a mobile phone from a house in the taluka. “The stolen goods are also recovered from the culprit,” said PI Raut Dessai.
PI further informed that all the three minor boys are sent to Juvenile Court for obtaining remand. Locals complained a lot of youngsters in the taluka are falling prey in committing various types of thefts in an effort to earn fast money.
While in most cases, people avoid handing over the culprits to the police and leaves the youngsters only with strong warnings whenever they are caught in the act, it is alleged that non-handing over of such culprits to police further strengthens these tender thugs giving rise to further engage in new antisocial acts.


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