MARGAO: In view of the various temple thefts that have been reported all over the state, and more so in Salcete taluka, some temple mahajans from South Goa have come forwards and made an application with the south Goa District Magistrate, asking for permission to carry arms.
The spate of temple thefts in the state have left the police authorities baffled and although the police have registered several cases and formed special investigative teams to solve the cases, almost all of them remain unsolved. Keeping this in mind some mahajans from south Goa have taken the step of asking for gun licenses for security purposes.
According to a president of a temple from Quepem taluka, it was decided to strengthen the security around temples and so they have gone ahead with the application for permission to bear arms. The south Goa Collector, Mr G P Naik when contacted, said that two temple authorities have applied for gun licenses, to be used for security purposes and their applications were being processed. He said that licenses will be granted for security purposes. He also said that he has submitted the required report to the government on temple theft cases and measures to be adopted.
He said that some temple committees from reputed temples have taken steps to strengthen security and appoint security guards around the temple premises, while others have called upon authorities to provide adequate police security to temples. Besides stationing security guards, the temple committees have also installed CCTVs with recording facilities in some temples. He also informed that some of the temple committees have also asked for a police kiosk, with armed police personnel to keep guard at night at some of the bigger temples.


Sandesh Gaonkar said...

You idiotic mahajans, one does not need weapons to counter thieves, you can form a vigilance party and lie in hiding every night to grab these thieves. Don't try a lame excuse for arming yourselves and then using the arms for your personal benefits.

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