In a recent article, the local newspaper, It was reported that an FIR has been filed against unnamed cops in the Cipriano Fernandes custodial death case.  It appears that the Police Department is yet again trying to cover up its unlawful and illegal misdeeds. This is nothing unusual as it has become quite traditional for the Police Department employees to cover up the illegal misdeeds of their co-workers.
There are a number of questions that needs to be answered.
Why did the police hire a private jeep to make an arrest ?
What is the procedure of hiring private vehicles within the Police Department ?
Why are the policemen that were present at the Police Station, the day Cipriano Fernandes was unlawfully physically abused, not coming out with the truth and pointing out to the actual culprits that are responsible for the death of Cipriano Fernandes ?
The Police personnel, quiet often, do not attend to complaints made by the public due to lack of vehicles. Further, the Police Department has to operate on a budget and many policemen themselves complain that the budget is hardly enough for a police station to function at its full potential / to maintain the available vehicles etc. Taking this fact into consideration, one wonders why are private vehicles hired by the Police Department?
In my opinion, it is quite obvious that the police personnel hire private vehicles in order to illegally detain and harass innocent citizens and abuse them verbally as well as physically so that there are no witnesses to the illegal arrest and abuse. The Police personnel also known to extort huge amounts of money from those that are unlawfully arrested in such a manner. If the Police Department had any credibility, it should have DISMISSED its personnel that are involved in such activities and other type of similar activities immediately. The Police personnel have absolutely NO RIGHT to physically tackle any unarmed accused.
The Home Minister should have RESIGNED due to this custodial death incident because it is totally unacceptable to terrorise the citizens of GOA in such an unlawful and disgusting manner. Ideally we should have had a Police Department in Goa that works tirelessly to maintain law and order, as per the law, so as to provide full security to its law abiding citizens. Unfortunately we have a Police Department in Goa where the majority of its personnel are engaged in illegal activities, extortion activities and terrorising the peaceful and unarmed citizens of Goa.
The Police personnel in Goa are nothing but terrorists. The Ministers / MLA's and other members of the administration in Goa, that have allowed the illegal activities of the personnel of the Goa Police Department to flourish ( so as to come to such a level ) and that have allowed the terrorising of its unarmed citizens at the hands of the Police personnel, are themselves the biggest TERRORISTS. India claims to be one of the countries in the world that have publicly announced zero tolerance to terrorism. But India has, till date, not done anything credible to eliminate the criminal terrorists that freely operate within India as Ministers / MLA's / Government officials / Government employees etc etc who openly terrorise innocent citizens every single day and in every possible way.
The entire Police Department personnel in Goa should be DISMISSED as they, absolutely, are not qualified to be honest and responsible policemen, besides that, they are not selected based on their sincerity and merit and as per the applicable laws. Unfortunately, this also applies to the majority of the other Government employees that are functioning in other Government Departments too.


Renoir said...

No matter how corrupt the police are , no matter how much these criminals in Khaki try to beat the system in deceiving the public, lets not let them hood wink us, Lets keep the pressure on. The voice of the people is what matters at this time. The police are trying to silence the truth, lets not let it get silenced less it gets silenced for ever.The current law enforcement body deserve no respect, they have lost all their dignity. All they are fit to be called are the silent criminals in uniform. Lets stay united and get justice which is being dragged and denied in every angle to the soul of Cipriano.

Dalia said...

Kudos to you Alex for putting up such a bold article. The police are not just terrorisats but the greatest shoe lickers and polishers of the politicians. They know that by barking from political circles, saluting the chors can make them feel themselves their arse high in the air. The police in Goa are there to harass the innocents and protect the criminals. One should see the income of these officers and you will not realize that some owns mining trucks and machinery. From where did the money come? Some corrupt officers have everything registered on their wives names or even mother in law's name to avoid accountability. Hell with chor police who are now known destroyers of law and drug sellers.

Martha Rebello said...

Looks like the whole of Panjim Police personnel are roped in as suspects...CRAZY MAN !!!Then why suspend the 3 idiots if an enquiry involves the whole department. Again the Police are trying to hoodwink the people as the outcome will be lack of evidence . The suspended idiots will then be re-instated with arears of suspension period. The Home Minister should hang his boots with shame and immediate effect.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH..Yes we should keep the pressure on..

Jack-of-all said...

Alex, You said it all, if Ravi Naik was a honest man he would have definetly resigned by now. Home minister is resposibe for everything happing in his department. Thus on moral ground he should have vacated his post by now. Mr. Ravi Naik, you have to go away. Because you don`t have the capabilities of Minister.

Trevor said...

Good investigating journalism! A crime was committed. Cipriano was one of us! This same situation was occurring in Egypt, with the police working for the corrupt regime, killing and beating people. Now it up to the Goans to stand up! Are they going to remain cowards and allow the abuse to keep going in Goa? I was envious of the Egyptians as they were so united and they all stood together and had the courage to fight. This case should be the last nail in the coffin for us Goans. All who remain silent on Cipriano's death are also complacently guilty in his death. They are guilty of brutal attack on a defenseless man. He lost his life, and if we selfishly do not act…we are guilty of sin. I hope our Goans will reflect as they have 'blood on their hands' for the situation in Goa.

Mike Carvalho said...

Alex Great job! Very well written!You said it all.

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