PANJIM: A case of murder has been registered against several policemen attached to the Panjim town police, in connection with the death of Cipriano Fernandes.  Addressing press reporters Wednesday evening at the Goa police headquarters, the Superintendent of Police, Special Cell, Mr Atmaram Deshpande said the case was registered based on the report submitted by the Sub Divisional Magistrate, Tiswadi, Mr Shabaji Shetye to the government recently.
Mr Deshpande stated that the First Information Report has been filed in the Crime branch of Crime Investigation Department (CID) against all those police officers present and on duty when Cipriano was in police custody. The case has been registered under Sections 302 (murder), 201 (destroying the evidence) read with 34 of Indian Penal code.
Elaborating further, he said the Sub Divisional Magistrate’s report has not specifically named any police official and added that the names would follow as the investigation proceeds. He further said the investigation will be undertaken by police inspector, Mr Braz Menezes under the supervision of Superintendent of Police, Mr Om Prakash Kudchadkar.
It may be noted that three policemen attached to the Panjim town police station were placed under suspension for procedural lapses in the arrest of Cipriano, who later died in the Goa Medical College and Hospital.
Police inspector, Sandesh Chodankar, police sub inspector, Radhesh Ramnathkar and head constable, Sandeep Shirvoikar were suspended by the Director General of Police, Mr Bhim Sain Bassi on the basis of an interim report submitted by DySP Mr Bossuet de Silva. After conducting an inquiry, the DySP had come to the conclusion that the three policemen had not adhered to guidelines for making arrests which were laid down by the Supreme Court in 1996.
Cipriano was arrested on the night of January 7 after his girlfriend complained that he had threatened her with a knife. The next day he was admitted to the GMC after he started frothing at the mouth. He died on the morning of January 8.
According to the professor and head of department of forensic sciences at Goa Medical College, Dr Silvano Dias Sapeco, the cause of Cipriano’s death was two head injuries although the initial findings revealed seven simple injuries on his body.


Sandesh Gaonkar said...

The Crime Branch will never investigate this case properly, the guys like Chandrakant Salgaokar are ever ready to sabotage the investigation so the cops will go off free. What happened to the Police drug nexus? The professional investigation of the case by the donkey Chandrakant Salgaokar. This is a sure trick by the Police to throw out the case.

Sumitra Hegde said...

Has the Crime Branch case been ever convicted? Has the Crime branch ever investigated a case properly - Take the case of Nadia Torrado, The police drug nexus and various other cases. The crime branch has gone case fellows as officers who are totally unfit to investigate - Two stalwarts of the CB Sunita Sawant and Stupid Chandrakant Salgaonkar. To add to this we have a drunkard too there now known as Mangaldas Desai. Hope Goddess Durgamata has mercy on these rogues

Renoir said...

Appears as the way things are that even the CBI which was an independent body has been infected by the virus of Political Clout. How many cases that have been taken over by them have come to a logical conclusion? The percentage if any is not worth a mention. If the CBI wants to have a standing in the eyes of the Public they need to get their acts together and work professionally, show the people results.

Vinay said...

The Police in Goa are knwon to torture anyone including the innocent. In many of our villages they are known to harrass poor people, frame charges and even frame false charges on behalf of the politicians, Mine owners, real estate developers etc. when they oppose the attempts to acquire the land.

Even Atmaram Deshpande cannot deny that he is clean when it comes to torturing suspects that are held and arrested and his own colleagues in the police department know that.

Mario said...

Why the murderer are still not arrested? Is Indian laws are laws? If a common person is suspected of commiting even a small crime he is immediately placed under arrest or you Goa Police b...t...ds tell us why the murderers in Police Uniforms are still not arrested even after the Doctors and Magistrate reported that it is a custodian death.Where is charas Ravi Naik,Bastard Bhassi and criminal Cowmuth Digambar hiding? Hope they are not busy in selling confiscated drugs from Police stores.

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

If born bas...rtd police can arrest on mere complain by lady freind on Cipriano that too on non-cogzinable complain without adhering to the guidelines, then why these ba...strd Police dept. is not following the procedure of arresting these murderer Policeman and put them behind bar?. How many more witnesses and proof are required?. Autopsy report is not enough?. This is foolish law, just a eye wash, after few days issue will cool down and nothing will happen to this case mark my words. Drug Master Home Minister is sleeping, he can have Z catagory security fearing threat and this is what we see dealing with common man.

Neville said...

Ah my dear sincere honest police dept, drag your feet till the case is forgotten in public. Then you can start your butchery & narcotics department again. For you theres another set of rules

Martha Rebello said...

Ridiculous to hear that the 3 police officers are suspended. Why are they not ARRESTED??? If on a mere complaint Cipriano can be arrested and tortured and then put to end ...why are these Police officers ONLY suspended after the report from SDM and GMC are made public ...Dont try to fool the people...The media only speaks of rules and procedures which were not followed by the 3 idiots... Thats not the issue..THE ISSUE HERE IS CUSTODIAL DEATH...WHICH IS A SERIOUS CRIMINAL OFFENCE.

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