PANJIM: It's another blow to the development and up-gradation of the Dabolim civilian airport. Kept under wraps for almost five months, it is now revealed that the much-hyped parallel taxi track to be built will not see the light of day.
Contrary to what was decided at a high-level meeting in Goa last April—that it would transfer 12.52 acres of land under its control over to the civilian authorities—the Indian Navy has decided not to hand over the land.  On April 6, 2010, a high-level meeting was chaired by the governor of Goa and attended by chief minister Digambar Kamat, state government bureaucrats and high-ranking officials of the Indian Navy.
According to the minutes of the meeting signed by secretary to governor Narendra Kumar, the governor stated at the meeting that on April 5, 2010, he had called the chief secretary, the navy's FOGA (Flag Officer for Goa Area) and the Airports Authority of India (AAI) airport director to discuss points so that final decisions would be taken at the next day's meeting.
"It was decided that whatever land available on the western side, excluding the IOC dump, and land on the eastern side, as has been projected in the site plan circulated by the airport director, would be transferred by navy to AAI.
The total land requirement as projected by the AAI, in the site plan, comes to about 12.52 acres. The modalities for transfer and the adjustment on the ground will be determined by the navy and the AAI, so that final approval is sought from the ministry of defence immediately," states the minutes of the meeting.
Interestingly, the records of the meeting further state: "The navy has agreed to make available more time, even during the night, for allowing landing/taking off of commercial flights." (TNN)


diogofichardo said...

The navy has taken over once Goa's civilian airport, soon Goans we will be dictated rather than practice their democratic rights. Are we going to tolerate this act of defiance by the Navy or are we going to take action and show Goan strength and might?

Shubash Raikar Panjim said...

The Indian Forces forcefully invaded Goa in the name of liberation. If they say they Liberated Goa then they should have left Goa letting Goans decide the fate. But instead India annexed Goa. Now the forces are refusing to vacate Goa's civilian property. Unless we voice our selves Goa will be a military state.

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

These born bas..t...rd politician's have no juice in their balls to fight for Goa and it's right, I think they were not born for their ligitimate Mother's but out of wedlock. All 40 of them are licking each other arse, if they unitedly cannot fight and save Goa for being carried away by these Navy and Army then they have no right to serve people. Goa is a tiny state and it is their responsibility to make Goa beautiful living place. For these rogues each one for themselves and God for everyone.

Neil said...

Goa is already reduced to a corrupt state...everyone knows that the indian armed forces are only good in raping women and killing children be it in kashmir or nagaland besides of course what happened in goa in 1961.

Pedro said...

The Navy, the Army and the Air force has no right to dictate terms to us, these are foreign Legion in our Country Goa, they should evacuate Goa immediately with out any arguments.

There should be a way how to involve the UNO, although another impotent organisation to look into the mater. We have to prove that the Government in power is due to a Vote bank and not through the common public.

The same goes to Marathi, there was no Marathi prior to 1961, there were no Marathi schools prior to 1961, Traitor Bandorkar brought them (Teachers and Maharashtrian citizens) so that he could prove with the Hindus help that this Marathi is the state language and Konkani is nothing. (Or maybe that Marathi is the Language of the Hindu God's and these Hindus who specially voted the MGP into power bought it without any question.)

The Maharashtrian's are forgetting something, why is the whole region from Ratnagiri to Mangalore called the Konkan region of the Sub continent India?. Konkani is a language not only of the Catholics, but also of our Hindu brothers. They too speak it, but in a different style. Both understand each other, if it was Marathi there would be a problem.

These Maharashtrian's are run by the Gujus and the Baiyas form the North, why are they not asking for Independence?, why are they feeling comfortable with the Indian Government?, the Assamies are asking for Independence, on the 10th they have a meeting, "The Prime Minister a Sardaji comes from Assam, or at the least represents Assam in the parliament." I think these Assamies are fools, how can they vote a Sardaji to power?, when they are asking for independence from India.? they should have voted one of their own unless this Sardaji Man Mohan Singh from Congress has also won through Baiya Vote Bank in Assam.

Neville said...

Goans too can deal with the navy, all of you please boycott the navy day functions held in goa november to december, every year. We do not want the navy here, they have no right to be there. YOu bloody goan politicans, dont ever give them an inch of goan land anymore, you already did it earlier with anjedive and its off limits to every goan

Gurudas Lotlikar said...

Every one of you is very right in your comments, From 1961 Raping and looting had started by the Indian Forces and it keeps going on. I remember a father and 16year old daughter were going to the market; the father was shot dead the daughter kidnapped raped and killed. Being the only daughter the mother went mentally unstable, being alone she was taken to Africa by her relatives where she died in a mental institute. What a sad memory of the so called Liberation for many families.

Anand Desai Mopa said...

@ Gurudas, there are many atrocities unreported in Goan history of Invasion by the Indian Army. Goa will become a army and navy base soon. Change can be achieved by us through correct political leaders.

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