At a time when the issue of telephone tapping is occupying centre-stage at the national level, it has come to light that the Goa Government has been tapping telephones in the State, allegedly in violation of Supreme Court directions and the Indian Telegraph Rules, until very recently. " reports Herald newspaper.
Some very interesting question come to mind. Whose coversations has the Government been tapping ? What procedure is being followed whilst making such phone tappings ? What is the purpose of tapping phone conversations ? Where is all these phone tapping records being stored ?
Considering these above mentioned questions, a few incidents come to mind.
Government employees demanding bribes to do routine work.
Police personell that are involved in illegal activities.
Illegal mining activities.
Personal Assistants of the Ministers / MLA's fixing various appointments / deals for the ministers.
Illegal mining activities.
The children / relatives and close associates of Ministers / MLA's involved in illegal activities.
The police personell manipulating official records when it comes to crime and other similar activities.
Ministers / MLA's using the police force to harrass innocent citizens.
The list is endless.
The Government can, very easily, crack down on such activities through the phone tapping records. Why dosent the Government utilise the phone tapping records to put and end to illegal activities / corruption activities that is openly happening in Goa ? Or is it so that the Government has been using the priviledge of phone tapping only to intercept the phone converstaions of innocent people that refuse to dance to the tunes of the corrupt Government administration ?
Taking the example of the murder case of Ms Torrado, one wonders what the Government has been doing with the phone tapping records. In this particular case, the Government has still not brought out any conversations that had happened between the phones of the victim and those accused. This makes one wonder if certain people and their associates are exempt from all types of phone tapping.
Phone tapping, when carried out, should be uniform in nature and should apply to all residents of the State, irrespective of political affiliations, position / rank in society and character. By tapping the phones in Goa in violation of the Supreme court directions and the Indian Telegraph Rules, the Government og Goa is guilty of doing a criminal act. If justice exists in India, in its true form, then those responsible for the illegal phone tapping in Goa should be brought to justice. And since any crime that is against the society is a very serious crime, those guilty should be sent to jail, for as long as possible, as per applicable laws in India.


diogofichardo said...

Where there is a will there is a way, Our Goan government do not have a WILL to eliminate wrong doing in Goa, but gave found WAYS to do wrong to the citizens of Goa.

Shubash Raikar Panjim said...

Tap! Tap! Tap! The Goan government ministers (MLAs)have tapped into every resource to accumulate wealth through immoral ways. Tapping into phones do the intend to use the phones for free or is it to victimise innocent Goans. They have been tapping into the Mega Building Contractors to obtain HAFTAS, that is why Goa is being destroyed. These 40 chors must be tied to public taps and stripped naked, or turn them into tody tappers.

Neville said...

They say Satya me jayathe, but theres no justice in india, all one sees is corruption in every way of life, theres no good of looking up to india.

Gurudas Lotlikar Margao said...

Strip all the phone tappers naked and pour Sur ani thambda Mui. Yes we Goans can do it.

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