MARGAO: When burglars strike, they don’t spare anyone, including the police and even the Judges.  This became evident on Tuesday when unknown miscreants targeted the residential house of Judge Edgar Fernandes at Cuncolim.
The miscreants are believed to have ransacked the house in search of the booty, but fortunately, there were no valuables inside.
Cuncolim PSI Prasanna Bhagat informed that the miscreants effected entry into the house by breaking open the window. He said the miscreants ransacked the entire house, but could not find anything. The crockery, clothes and lines were left untouched, he said. There were no inmates in the house at the time of the incident.
The incident came as a shock to the residents and brought to the fore the question of police patrolling of Cuncolim Town to keep burglars and miscreants at bay. Incidentally, the house is located just a stone throw away from the NH-17.
Interestingly, Cuncolim police admitted that this is the second time that miscreants targeted the house in the last eight months. Police said the miscreants tried to open the door locks around eight months ago, but in vain.
Meanwhile, police informed that miscreants had a couple of years ago had targeted the Judges’ colony atop Margao’s Monte hill. A year ago, the house of then Colva police station incharge, PI Edwin Colaco at Nuvem was burgled by unknown miscreants.


diogofichardo said...

If this criminals are caught will they be set free by the judge? many have so far gone free. The Konkan Railways and the National Highways have been a curse to the Goan Citizens.

Shyam Sawant said...

Not a bad idea diogofichardo, But I wish it was the house of the crooked judge and ex student leader Desmond D'Costa. This crook takes bribes and release and acquites criminals.

Gurudas Lotlikar Margao said...

These Judges and police have given our judicial system a bad name. They deserve the dose of their own medicine. so do the crocked Judges and politicians.

diogofichardo said...

Shyam Sawant; I was a student and active when Desmond D'Costa was our leader.

Mario said...

Handpicked Judges of Goa should killed like dog,Edgar is another corrupt Judge appointed with the influence of corrupt & criminal Alemao brothers and came from same village of Maha corrupt Judge Britto.

Francis said...

Kitem re Mario?

Don't tell us you are the one going about burgling the Judges houses and all the other burglaries committed in Goa. Looks like they must have you locked you up once so there you go taking your revenge.

Shana bugger Mario!

Cuncolienkar said...

Mario tell us why do you hate Cuncolienkars? From which village are you?

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