MARGAO: The Maina Curtorim police on Monday raided the house of Jayesh Naik in connection with the headless body murder case and attached a hard disk. Police Inspector Sidhant Shirodkar informed that that hard disk has been attached as the accused had downloaded the CCTV footage of the deceased Sultan Bellary while allegedly committing the theft in the general store.
He said the police have also traced the person who had installed the CCTV in the general store and had helped the accused to decode the footage in order to obtain photograph of the deceased persons.
Meanwhile, PI Shirodkar has said that the police investigations in the sensational case are proceeding in the right direction, adding that the police are hopeful of recovering the skull of deceased Bellary.
“We have so far recovered the weapons of assault from the river at Dabal-Kirpal at the instance of one of the accused. The police has also managed to attach the burnt remnants consisting of hair, fat pieces and bone ash from Xelvona-Quepem at the instance of another accused person”, he said.
He further added that the police are now on the look out of the two absconding accused, Vinod Kumar Yadav and another person from Mumbai, who will throw more light on the scull of the deceased as well as the location where the deceased was lodged for one full day before his headless body was found abandoned along a road side at Nessai in Sao Jose de Areal village.


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