It is high time Goans living in Goa realise that they are Prisoners Of War. It was in the news recently that one of the Goan Ministers who gets ‘chills’ being behind the ‘Church’ for being a Catholic, that Goa was “Conquered” by India; quoting the Supreme Court. So where are our “Freedom fighters” who take pride in boasting that they have “liberated” Goa hiding? Where is the freedom they harp on that they have given Goa and Goans? Why is the term “Liberation of Goa” being used?
I tend to believe this Minister; as in every war, the conquerors always plundered the wealth of the conquered land, they raped their women, took with them some slaves, etc. The intelligentsia always fled and lived in exile. What is happening now in Goa is the same. The intelligentsia have left Goa; Goa is plundered left and right by the Indians, our conquerors. They have taken slaves who are ruling Goa and are forbidden to take any decision without running to the capital of India for receiving Orders from their Masters. Our agricultural land, forests, houses and women too are raped almost daily. A few of the Goans still in Goa who have not fled, are forming a “Resistance Group”; but with no arms and ammunition. Will they succeed?


D.Justin said...

In true sense Goa is not liberated but conquered by brute and uncivilized country called India.
In true sense Goa is conquered by India and given to rule by 40 dummy idiots as they are controlled by high command.
These 40 idiots loots and plunder Goans and share the booty with mahachors of NewDelhi.
These 40 idiots do not have any right to wee or mahe poo unless informing the high command.
Can any Goan explain to me whether we are liberated.

Trevor said...

So well put...this is a true picture of our plight! When are our Goans going to say Enough is Enough? How much can we take??? It will not stop, India came for our land, plain and simple! (Now, they are rewriting history with propaganda that they 'rescued' us..to put us in hell.)..The rest of India is filthy; so many foreigners are terrified to travel to India because of the filth. We have been poor in Goa, but at least we learned to have respect for our land. Look at the garbage that is everyway, especially in the high Ghantti areas. It is what is going to happen to all of Goa. We already have a Mumbai company with the blessing and who knows what else (and we all know what) the bast_rd Chorshit are going to turn Goa into dirty Mumbai. Residents who were born in Delhi are trying to escape because of crime, cheating, stealing, murders ect in that city. One death occurs due to road-rage every day in that city. Recently the United States issued a State Dept warning that women travelers in large cities like Mumbai and Delhi may face kidnappings and/or rape. This is our future. The plan is to turn Goa into a Mumbai and a Delhi. We are half-way there.

diogofichardo said...

Goa was invaded and not liberated, if we were liberated as said by the Indians the armed forces would have left Goa after training a Goan armed force. AS that was not the case we defiantly are prisons of war and need a genuine liberation with true Goan freedom fighters.

Gurudas Lotlikar Margao said...

Dr. Ferdinando dos Reis Falcão: the liberation of Goa was used as an excuse to create false freedom fighters who enjoy their perks at the tax payers money. Goa has three enemies to deal with, The occupiers, Freedom fighters and the Corrupt ministers. There is a need to eliminate the corrupt ministers before the other two.

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