PANJIM: Investigations into the custodial death of an NRI in a police lock-up here has been handed over by the Goa police to a Special Investigation Team (SIT), Goa Home minister Ravi Naik informed the House Thursday.   Replying to a calling attention motion during the ongoing state Legislative Assembly session, Naik said SIT is headed by Superintendent of Police Omprakash Kudtarkar, which will probe the death of NRI Cypriano Fernandes.
Naik said the Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) inquiry has concluded that Cypriano died due to injuries received in police custody.   "The SDM has submitted a report today in which he has concluded that Cypriano died due to injuries which he sustained while in police custody," the minister said.
He stated that SDM has recommended that appropriate offences under Indian Penal Code (IPC) should be initiated against police officers on duty when Cypriano was in custody.  The 39-year-old seafarer on his vacation back home in Goa was arrested by Panjim police on January 7 after his woman friend complained that he was threatening her.
While the accused died in police custody, the police had said he was suffering from 'fits' and died a natural death.  The first setback in this case came after Deputy Superintendent of Police Bousette Silva in his inquiry report concluded that there were procedural lapses after Cypriano?s arrest.
Three policemen ? Police Inspector Sandesh Chodankar, Police Sub Inspector Radhesh Ramnathkar and Head constable Sandip Shirvaikar, were suspended after the preliminary report. – PTI


Renoir said...

God Bless all those souls who have died in police custody under the Remarks "DIED A NATURAL DEATH".
From the very beginning the cause of death of Cipriano was being labeled as a death due to fits, a death due to illness rather a natural death. The DySp,The Chief Minister and the GMC staff all claimed it was a death not involving them. It was however strange as to how the Public who are not criminologists or forensic experts could still conclude that it was a death due to police torture and the very people whose profession is to detect this death failed Miserably..strange as it sounds!!!
Well Now the people of Goa know who the real criminals are.If it was not for the public and media outcry and the witnesses coming forth this would have been just another Natural death in police custody and the real Criminals who are the POLICE themselves would have gone free. The time is now for the people to ensure that these police not only get served with instant Marching orders with instant termination of all benefits, but orders for life time prison where they can rot for eternity in prison and pay the price for taking away a Soul.

Neville said...

@Renoir, you've raised some valid points. Like you said the public have become the experts, because nobody trusts the police or the politicians in power or otherwise and the professionals in charge of the situation dumb and stupid! Stupid because they expect us to believe them.
@Stormrider please take note of their qualifications.

Raunak said...

Renoir and neville, you guys have taken the words from my mouth, the goa cops are not only fat, clumsy and under educated, but they are also very very gready and unsrupulius. These cops have no idea, of what respect for the uniform is, they only respect money and perks, just see the houses of most of these cops, you dont need any further investigation, they will be proved guilty once you step in their house itself.

John said...

The Goa CM and the home minister,should resign in the custodial death of our son of the soil Cipriano fernandes.The police who tortured cipriano were likely Maharashtran ghantties. There was one more custodial death in vasco jail, it was a UK national Ajay Kaushal who was tortured by this ghantti police and they said it was a natural death.The case should have been handed over to CBI for further investgation.

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