Looking around Goa, reminds me of the rhyme “water water everywhere but not a drop to drink” and how very true in case of Goa. We have the mighty rivers flowing 24 x7x365, lakes, ponds and wells all over Goa. The rain Gods too have been very generous to us compared to the rest of India.
The flow of water in our rivers may have receded to a great extent, our lakes, ponds and wells may have been drying or contaminated because of the impact of environmental degradation through mining, untreated sewage, litter, slitting and deforestation, but still Goa has been fortunate compared to the rest of India or for that matter the most part of the world, but it will not be long before we Goans become victims of our own making, if we allow the environmental degradation to continue unabated.
With the natural recourses that we had pre 1961, if we had to take care of our environment and our water bodies, we would not have been facing water shortages in such a short time since 1961. Prehistoric civilizations evolved in and around water bodies, since then and till today, water has been and will always be as important a factor for our survival, as the air that we breathe. Man in all his wisdom has fallen short to preserve and protect these two extremely important “elements” as we call them in science.
Man in the name of development has destroyed nature and the environment, polluting the air and the atmosphere and devastating our water bodies and resources. How very often have we been caught unawares by nature’s fury ? But do we really learn from our mistakes ? Until and unless environmental degradation is stopped and our water bodies and sources are protected, our water scarcity problems will only multiply and magnify at an alarming pace. It is high time our authorities treat this issue with concern and seriousness and act, taking remedial steps to stop the degradation of our environment and our water bodies.
Last few years we have been hearing so much about the contamination of our well, ponds, springs and other bodies, what action has the government taken to stop this contamination ? It is just not enough to set up committees and get reports, all these committees and reports are useless, a total waste of time and money if in the end there is no action orientation over these facts.
Even though we have a lot of rivers, lakes, ponds, streams and wells, along with a healthy, yearly average rainfall and an occasional cloud burst due to mini tsunami or whatever in the Indian ocean, in most parts of Goa people are still suffering from acute shortage of water, it looks to be the curious case of “water water being everywhere but not a drop to drink”
If we do not take immediate action, no matter how many tanks our politicians distribute, we will still suffer from shortage of water. What can we store in these tanks if there is no enough water flowing in our taps ? Only if there is ample water flowing, can the tanks be filled. Distribution of tanks does not assure continues supply of water on the contrary, there will be even more problems as water will be unevenly distributed, people with these tanks will have more water where as the unfortunate people who have not found favour with the minister will be affected more, as the water supply will not increase by any means, only the favoured few bootlickers will benefit.
I wonder who were the people who benefited from the generosity of our minister ? I doubt if any of the tanks have reached the people who really needed them, I am told that a lot of these tanks are installed in the houses of the Panchayat body members, the bootlickers, who are die hard supporters of the PWD minister and his daughter. By the way what was the criteria followed for the distribution of these tanks ?
There has been a furor in the Goa legislative Assembly because of the unplanned, unauthorized distribution of these water tanks. Knowing our politicians fully well for they are, no matter what assertions and claims the MLA’s and ministers make, whatever said and done the fact is our politicians specially our ministers will not do anything unless there is something in cash or kind in it for them, unfortunately and regrettably that is the basic fact or truth about Goan politics today.
Today our PWD minister is crying at the top of his voice, that he has had no monetary gains from this water tank deal worth crores. Can we really trust a fox guard the hen house ? What’s your take ?


Neville said...

Chorchill is Guilty as charged. He is a born chor and will do everything in his power to cheat. Yet call it social work. Those from south goa his "supporter" are another shameless lot, selling their souls for a few crumbs " Grow up you idiots, get a decent job, start living. Dont set a bad example to your families.

DJustin said...

Where is water gone, ask Mr Chachull Ademao. If this idiot supplies 50 water tanks to his chamchas, then he is selling 500 water tanks to the hotels in south coastal area. I'm very happy that atleast one man Damu Naik shown gut to this seasonal goonda of Goa. well done Damu Naik.

romulus102 said...

Freddy, you forgot to mention the wastage of water by the people. Also leakage of water by means of bad connections is a major source of wasting water.The Government, Panchayats or any of the NGO's have never actively promoted water management or rain water harvesting in the moonsoons.You also get to hear about these intiatives at inaugrations and speeches.

Salvador Seraulim said...

The depths of our rivers, Lakes and ponds are decreasing due to lack of maintenance. Before and soon after the invasion of Goa annual maintenance was being carried. The village wells are never maintained and some are contaminated with sewer water. Mega housing projects on agricultural land too obstructs the water beds. Dumping of Garbage is another issue that contaminates and obstructs flow of water. The rains may be in abundance but how do we store it? For our illiterate ministers it means rocket science.

Trevor said...

Thank you for bringing to light the true picture of the scams done in the name of Goa. We need to publish the names of the people that got the 'free' water. We will determine if these people are 'poor'. This CHOR knows how to work the dirty system in India to get elected to LOOT and LOOT. It is shameful that our people will vote for him and his family. They are just as DIRTY as he is! They need to stop going to Church / Temple.

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