PANJIM: Severe criticism from some sections of the society, after the alleged death of Cipriano Fernandes in police custody, has led to a sharp fall in the morale of the Panjim police personnel forcing them to think twice before taking action against criminals and others engaged in lawless activities, even begging, creating nuisance in public places, etc.
The police do not want to question any one, leave alone taking them into custody, for the fear of being held responsible for anything that could go wrong, said a police official attached to the Panjim town police, adding that the police had been made to believe that they were "criminals" for something that they did not do.
A few police constables on beat duty on Friday night said that whenever they tried to stop any person for traffic violation or any other violation, they (violators) did not stop and that they were frightened to chase them and stop them for the fear of being held responsible if anything went wrong while discharging their duty.
Another official in the Panjim town police said that they (police) had become very cautious while effecting arrest or even questioning any suspect in the case ever since the police were charged for the murder of deceased Cipriano.
"We do not want to take chances and have been taking extra care to ensure that we are 100 per cent within the law," he added.
A prominent citizen said that ever since the police were accused of "murder" of Cipriano they had been extra careful and that their attitude towards the public had changed.
He went on to add that being nice also would not help curb crime as the hardened criminals would use the situation to their advantage and "evade" answers. The police had to deal with different people using different yardstick.  A young girl said that "police need to change their attitude towards public and be polite with the people whenever they question them for any purpose."
"The police have to be friends of the people and elicit information from them about the ills/wrongs happening in their area rather than use ‘foul’ language whenever they speak to people," she added.
A senior police officer said that the severe criticism faced by police off late was a professional hazard, even as he admitted that the morale of the police in Panjim had been on the lower side.  But that was not an excuse not to act against criminals or violators of law, he said adding that the police force had to overcome the adversities to safeguard the society.
The police have to uphold the law under all circumstance, said the official adding that police would have to intervene in case of any law and order problem, violation of law, crime and even use power, if necessary, to ensure that rights of the citizens were protected and the citizens were made to feel secure. He said that "the police have to act within the frame work of law. If the police discharge their duties within the framework of law, the law would protect them."
"Ultimately the truth would prevail," he said adding that only adverse things against police had been highlighted.
The senior police official went on to add that criticism from any quarter could not be used by the force to abdicate its duty to protect the law, even as he said that police with low morale was not good for the society and that the senior police officials would do everything possible to raise the morale of the force and ensure that the citizens of the state were protected from criminals.


Dalia said...

Dirty scumbags of the political system of Goa, the police force is the dirtiest force where our money is spent as a waste.

Shyam Sawant said...

Law needs to be tough but not to the extent of killing an innocent person for personal whims. There is no difference between Goa police and the hired killers. Sandesh Chodankar must be used to this type of work and was never caught earlier. He is also a well known chor in the police department. It has been heard that the suspended PSI and Constable both are involved in money making racket for higher ups including Arwind Gawas

diogofichardo said...

There are many honest and Law abiding police personnel that should walk with their heads high. The corrupt ones should drown themselves in the nearest river.

Neville said...

The police deserve the harsh criticism for death. Few such deaths have occured, and the police have got away scot free. If not for the effort of niz goenkars and once caught they came up with all sort of base excuses fit for a child. With the drug stealing from the godown, involving the PI shirodkar & havaldars, another dumbo PI gudliar gets caught in sting ops, and another set of lies emanate from him.
In the cities, the hafta buisness is still on, the matka bookings are going on right under their nose. The suspended persons must be arrested & thrown in jail.
So far the only one getting away despite all the accusations are the slimy father son duo, Ravi & Roy (ok you guys guess their surnames!)

dlp said...

The Goa Police's morale will never get lower by anything. They are used to these types of things. They don't care if their morale goes low as long as it goes high at night by drinking what these chors feeds them. It looks like they had already planned that Cipriano (may his soul rest in eternal peace) will not get out alive from the jail. And this could not happen without outside support and instigation by the concerned persons. Merciless killers.

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