PANJIM: Panjim Judicial Magistrate First Class Ms Shaikh Shabnam will on 5th February at 2.30 pm hear the arguments on the complaint filed by Adv. Aires Rodrigues against now suspended Panjim Police Inspector Sandesh Chodankar for not registering an F.I.R of cheating and misrepresentation against the former Union Law Minister and current Goa Law Commission Chairman Mr. Ramakant Khalap.
The notice to the Police Inspector was issued on a petition filed by Adv. Rodrigues before the JMFC seeking directions to the Panjim Police Inspector to register the F.I.R against Mr. Ramakant Khalap and to expeditiously investigate the case.
Stating that the police had not registered the F.I.R in view of the political clout enjoyed by Mr. Ramakant Khalap, Adv. Rodrigues has sought that the Court monitor the investigation of the case.
Adv. Rodrigues on January 17th had filed a complaint at the Panjim Police Station against Mr. Ramakant Khalap for having falsely stated that the International Arbitration Centre was being set up in collaboration with the Goa Government.
In his complaint to the Panjim Police Adv. Aires Rodrigues has also named as accused Adv. Cleofato Coutinho, Adv. Mario Pinto Almeida and Mr. V.K.Agarwal who are the other trustees of a private trust “Goa Organization of Law Finance and Education” formed by them along with Mr. Ramakant Khalap.
After Mr. Ramakant Khalap announced that the International Arbitration Centre was being set up by his private trust in collaboration with the Government of Goa, Adv. Rodrigues sought information under RTI from the Law Department whether the Government was infact aware that the said International Arbitration Centre was being set up in collaboration with the Government of Goa.
The Law Department while informing Adv. Rodrigues that it had no information on the setting up of the International Arbitration centre has also informed him that no action has yet been initiated against the trust headed by Mr. Ramakant Khalap for illegally and unauthorizedly using the name of the Government as a collaborator in the setting up of the trust.
The International Arbitration Centre has been set up by a private trust set up by Goa Law Commission Chairman Ramakant Khalap along with commission members Adv. Cleofato Coutinho and Adv. Mario Pinto Almeida. The fourth member of the trust is one Mr. V.K.Agarwal from Delhi.


N.Fernandes-London said...

This Panjim PI Chodankar seems like a very corrupt Policeman.
Come to think of it nearly all of Goa Police seem to be a bunch of Khaki clad,pot bellied and Lathi-armed "Guerillas".
The cause, these Policeman fight for is, "How to Top-up their Bank balances".
By not registering a FIR, PI Chodankar must have got a phone call from Mr. Ramakant Khalap, offering him some cash and prostitutes to avoid a FIR.
Ravi Naik too must have been partially involved as the so called, an ever evident "POWERFUL POLITICIAN" theory, that permeates all Criminal incidents.
These types of Policeman are not required in Goa.

Anonymous the VIII said...

The Courts should take cognizance of dereliction of duty by the police in Public interest, and should penalise them. Only then will the police think twice before obliging politicians. What use is the police if not for protecting rights of the public? The Goa police are only protecting politicians and those who grease their palms. The honest, law abiding citizens are harassed, intimidated and even deprived of his fundamental rights. It is high time that the High Court takes cognizance of these numerous complaints filed in the Courts against the police for not filing FIRs.

Dalia said...

The Gua Pulis are a corrupt force as mentioned by N Fernandes. The HM of Goa himself is so illiterate that he need some good counselling and education on Home Affairs at the moment. It is practical in every place when you have a weak duckling leading you, the strong herd will be diversified in all directions knowing that the lame duckling will not be in a position to guide them. Same applies here. When the HM is a history sheeter, how come the same people meant to guide and protect the common man? They know the boss is corrupt and wont't act or is ignorant of the law and procedures.

However, one question comes to much our own Gua Pulis know about the law and it's maintenance? How come they are involved in drugs and Supari Killings? Corruption is at it's peak in the Police Department!!!

Mario said...

What Goans and rest Ghanties residing in Goa expected from Goa Police personals who are basicly recruited by taking hefty bribes.Even criminal background person can become a Police officer in Goa as in the case of Present SP Tony Fernandes(former goonda),late Simon Fernandes(Khareband Goonda),Mahesh Goenkar(former Goonda) and many more.They just need money to get appointement letter in Goa Police department.

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