COMEDY OF ERROR AND JUDGEMENT by Freddy Agnelo Fernandes, Dubai

Of late Goa has been suffering form an acute bout of comedy of errors and judgments. The suspension of one of the most revered Judge, Judge Desmond D’Costa has emphasized the magnanimity of this folly and exposed the raw underbelly of our justice system.
I had the privilege of being associated with Judge Desmond D’Costa in School at Loyola and then as an activist in the eighties. He had an unmatched persona as a student, as a student leader, as an activist, as a lawyer and subsequently as a judge. His ethics, honesty and dedication all along has been impeccable and I know a lot of people who have known him since his early days, they do perceive him as a role model, they are right in every which way.
His unprecedented suspension has indeed brought up questions about the credibility of our Justice system. For every suspension in any department anywhere in the world, always has a valid reason and that reason is stated to the person concerned or to the head of that department by the hierocracy. In the case of Judge Desmond, reasons or for that matter reason for his suspension has not yet been stated or revealed even though there has been a hue and cry all over Goa at his suspension, this itself says, that there is lot more than meets the eye, in the suspension order of Judge Desmond D’Costa.
The support from his professional colleagues has been overwhelming and I hope a lot more people will join in support for Judge Desmond. It is good to see all our lawyers taking up the gauntlet for truth and justice. I do hope the hierocracy in the justice department will see the error in their judgment and reinstate Judge Desmond D’Costa with dignity and the respect that he so rightly deserves.
I was once hoping that Judge Desmond would give up his job and join politics, as we Goans badly need people of his high caliber to run the day to day affairs of Goa, this could yet be a blessing in disguise but not before Judge Desmond D’Costa’s respect and dignity is restored and the comedy of error and judgment is brought to an abrupt end.


Trevor said...

I hope this is the wake up call our people need. That regardless of what social class you belong to, the destruction of Goa is going to affect you. Everyday our village people suffer injustices with builders and mining companies etc. I hope all the Goan advocates will realize that they are no longer immune. It was said during the WWII that “when the Germans came for the Jews, I did not speak, when they came for the Poles, I did not speak.....when they came for the Catholics, they was no one left to speak for me". I hope people realize that the destruction is now going to affect everyone. So if you have not spoken, soon they will not be anyone to speak for you. It is time for a bring OUR Goa back! We need to follow the example of Egypt!

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