PANJIM: A civil rights group in Goa has demanded that all policemen present in Panjim town police station during the custodial killing of NRI Cypriano Fernandes, be transferred to make way for "fair probe".  Utt Goenakar, an organisation which along with the family members of Fernandes exposed the custodial killing has also demanded that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) investigate the matter.
The 39-year-old seafarer, on a holiday in Goa was arrested on January 6 after his lady friend complained against him. Later, he died in police custody here.
The crime branch is investigating the custodial killing, confirmed by sub divisional magistrate's report. The SDM had initiated an inquiry and concluded that Cypriano died due to head injuries which he received while in custody.
Utt Goenkara President John Yury Lobo told reporters that police department has miserably failed to take action against its own police officers. "We demand that all the police personnel who were present in Panjim town police station on the day of incident should be immediately transferred for the purpose of fair, proper and transparent investigation," he said.
Lobo recalled that police department's internal report had pointed out that there were procedural lapses.
Following the report, three officers Inspector Sandesh Chodankar, Sub Inspector Radhesh Ramnathkar and Head constable Sandip Shirvaikar, were suspended. "Death in a police custody is horrendous crime. What happened in Cypriano's case is a blot on Goa police," he said.
The family members of Cypriano have refused to accept the dead body demanding that all the guilty police officers should be arrested. – PTI


Salvador Seraulim said...

Are the civil rights group out of their mind? these cops could be transferred to higher posts, They must be sacked NOW.

DJustin said...

Justice delayed is justice denied, the leading NGOs shuold keep on pressuring the corrupt congress government for a fair and unbiased trials to Cypriano's case. Our half headed ministers will lay their hands to save the goo nda police force, as Cypriano is tortured and killed under the command of illeterate Babush Monserrate. The goonda police and the corrupt politicians go hand in hand as they need one another to cover their dirty business. The goonda police shuold be punished as per Indian law.

Renoir said...

Transferring these Police else where is of no use as they will carry on their criminal activities else where once again.There is a saying which goes as " No matter how much you try to wash the pig, the pig will go back and roll in the same shit again". These men in Khaki need to be stripped off, and given the pink slip right away!

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