In a recent article, the local newspapers and other Goan news websites wrote.................." A newly formed committee headed by senior journalist and freedom fighter Flaviano Dias has demanded cancellation of Portuguese names designated to several roads, villages and localities and rename the same after national heroes, freedom fighters and eminent personalities loyal to this country and state ".
It was indeed very shocking to read the article in the news. I wonder what Mr. Dias hopes to achieve by proposing to change the Portuguese street names in Goa? Being a senior journalist, he should have rather focused on all the illegal activities that are happening in Goa at all levels. While Goa has been and is still being systematically degraded and destroyed due to the India style politics since 1961, Mr Dias chooses to focus on an irrelevant issue.
Mr. Dias, you claim to be a freedom fighter........!!! I wonder what your motives were when you were active as a freedom fighter. What type of freedom did you have in mind? Have you any idea what Goa was like in 1961 and what Goa has become ever since? Do you remember that the first chief minister of Goa Mr. Bandodkar as well as his daughter / family and his associates as well as many of today’s politicians wanted to systematically wipe off Goa from the world map by merging it with Maharastra? What has been your opinion on that Mr. Dias?
Mr. Dias, if you are a person of integrity and you honestly consider yourself as a bonafide freedom fighter and if you have any genuine interest in Goa and its people then I suggest that you to join the majority of patriotic Goans in their struggle to end corruption / injustice and social and environmental degradation of Goa instead of wasting your time and efforts to change the Portuguese street names in Goa.
I do agree that everything was not ideal and at its best performance during the Portuguese administration, but please do consider what has been the state of affairs in Goa ever since the Portuguese administration was forcibly removed from Goa. The democracy (rule of the people) that was promised to Goa by the Indian Government has been NON EXISTANT. The Indian Government has, till date, encouraged every enterprising crooks and criminal minded persons (within Goa and India) to freely operate in Goa. At the Official level, The Indian Government is regularly sending crooks to Goa (Governors / IAS officers etc etc ) to further strengthen its corruption system in Goa. At the “unofficial level”, the Indian Government has been consistently supporting the illegal / criminal activities of the Government of Goa (who have almost totally destroyed the ecology and environment of Goa as a result of their corrupt / Illegal and criminal activities) by failing to act and intervene.
There is no proper water / electricity supply to domestic consumers all over Goa and the Government (past and present) has not done any credible thing to bring the situation under fully control.
Goans cannot afford (affordable) housing in Goa and to add salt to the wounds, the Government is busy selling off Goan properties to non Goans instead of having a strict policy of land distribution to original Goans.
The garbage situation is Goa is totally out of control and the Government has till date, done nothing to bring the situation under control.
The justice system in Goa has totally collapsed and all scamsters / rapists / molesters / murderers / robbers / fraudsters etc etc walk free and are busy planning their next criminal activity.
Most of the Government employees in most of the Government departments are busy selling off their services for a suitable bribe and the Government has till date done nothing to put an end to such disgusting practices.
Most of the Government posts / positions are sold off by the MLA's and ministers to those that pay the suitable bribe.  Even the sick and the dying are not spared, as they are forced to surrender themselves into the hands of the corrupt doctors and hospitals that operate purely based on profit and not for the welfare of the its patients.
The list is endless.
And you Mr. Dias, instead of using your freedom fighter skills to eliminate such evils ( as mentioned above ) you choose to focus your time and energy on Portuguese streeet names. I sincerely wish (for your own good and for the good of Goa) that you will reconsider your priorities and act appropriately and in a more sensible manner. Deu borem korum.


diogofichardo said...

Rather then wasting Energy on colluding with fascists BJP/RSS and other right wing organisations, Mr Dias should concentrate on Goan affairs that affect the lives our lives. Criminal activities mainly by Non-Goans have spiral out of control, for a small state like Goa the percentage of crime is too high. Is he afraid of taking on the corrupt politicians or is he their crumb eater? Our once crime free, healthy and peaceful Goa is no longer the same. Today he has asked for street names to be changed, next we will have to change our birth names. Why does the hypocrite still have Portuguese Name?

Mike Carvalho said...

Alex your words echo. You nailed it! I wonder if these so called freedom fighters back in 1960-61 aspired and wanted a goa like today for their children and grand children. Having seen goa plundered looted and raped immediately after 1961 and the state of affairs it is today these so called freedom fighters should have been crying tears of blood with regret if they were real fighters for the mother land. Their actions of today tell us that they are nothing but fake elements.

Shyam Sawant said...

I do not understand what the Goan freedom farters like Karmali, flaviano, kenkre want to fight with the names for. Instead of fighting against corruption and the corrupt politicians they are after the wrong thing. Idiotic freedom farters of Goa must be getting illegal GOOS from the politicians to do this.

Tulshidas Shirodkar said...

@Diogo, Mike and Shyam, if I ever come across a Goan freedom farter dying and begging for water, I will piss my urine on his face and go away leaving him to die for the destruction they have caused of Goa and forced us to go out of Goa. The fake Ba...t....ds.

Joe Rebello said...

These freedom farters should be tied up and dropped from air so that on impact they explode like a bomb but then again there will be a job for us to purify the place where they fall with dettol and soap of their dirty blood

urmila said...

All the streets,roads,villages and locallities having Portugues names should be cancelled and rename them with Bogos freedom fighter Flaviano Dias, Chor Digamber Kamath,chor Ravi Naik,chor Churchill Alemao and his brother,chor Vijay Sardasai,chor Babush Monstor,chor Mami,chor Luzinho,chor Sardin and all the chor leaders.

Pedro said...


We should have an Opinion Poll "if we want to retain all Portuguese name for Roads, Buildings and Villages" with a simple yes or no.

This will clear the minds of every one, and in future no one will bother us. The same way the Opinion pole of the 1967 where our parents said yes to stay separate from the rest of the UNION of INDIA. If not for that Opinion pole till today there would be some idiots who would like us to be a state integrated with God knows what state, for E:G. as there are lot of Karnataka's some would say Goa belongs to Karnataka, they would even go further to say as there are lot's of Biharies, let's join BIHAR our BAIYAS and so on. For MGP Maharashtra would always be an open option. Thanks to the opinion pole we don't have this problem anymore.

Our Problem with some crooks like Flaviano and some crooked Freedole Farters, they will always come up with this topics regarding names. WE have to have an Opinion Pole to solve and stop this nuisance once and for all. After that we can have an Opinion Pole for an Independent GOA: Step by Step.

Mog asundi

Shyam Sawant said...

Mr. Pedro, it is difficult to have an opinion poll, unless it is only of the genuine Goans. Goa is full of ghanttis who will vote for ghantti names and in favour of these freedom farters.

diogofichardo said...

Yes Shyam you are correct there are too many Ghanti vote Banks and too many Goan Crumb Eaters. What next change the names our our churches? See hoe Seva Shana is dominating affairs in Maharashtra. These Freedom Farters will soon divide Goa between Karnataka and Maharashtra, so be aware Goans either sleep and do nothing or stand up and fight.

Manuel said...

I think we now need to go beyond only "peaceful" means...i think physical death is not as bad as moral death.

Delphine Pereira Navelim said...

I blame our Christian politicians mainly elected from the south including Navelim constituency. Chorchill has deceived Navelimkars into following him. Where are the so called educated people of Navelim? Why have they allowed this pig to represent us, part of Navalim is occupied by Ghantis Soon the Portuguese Named Flaviano will demand Navelim be changed to ghanti names, the church and the school names will be changed too. Are we Goans powerless to allow these pigs to do what they feel like?

D Justin said...

Mr Flaviano and his ROOSTAD GANG should work towards to change the pathetic state of our state.The whole world laugh at us for producing stone age stateman like Flaviano.

Unknown said...

I think first of all Mr Flaviano Dias should change his name as Gangaram Das because it is a portuguese name. It does not suit him. he is a mix breed. He is idle in the devil's workshop. I think he should concentrate on something developing goa or f off.

RDM said...

Mariano, BINGO ! You hit the hammer on the nail headf. That one sentences says it all. Brilliant !

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