SELECTION OF JUDGES by Adv. Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar

The current selection process of Supreme Court and High Court judges is shrouded in total secrecy. This judge -appointing-judge system must come to an end. It leaves room for friends and former colleagues of current and retired judges to manipulate their way through the system.
This does not augur well for the judiciary which is the common man's last recourse to seek justice. There needs to be total transparency in judicial appointments. The selection process has to be very rigorous and with stringent procedures in place to block the undeserving. This will ensure that only the very best and brightest are elevated as judges. Only persons with impeccable character and high integrity should be selected. For the rest there are many other options. Politics being one of the much sought after avenues.


Dalia said...

India being a democratic country is moving backwards on the law and order front. As pointed out by Adv. Aires, the favouritism is rampant not only in appointing judges but in the whole of the bureacratic system.

It is a well known factor that if you have money and power, you can win in India over law. The number of people convicted and jailed in India are those who could not defend themselves by hiring even a lowly paid lawyer. Secondly, terror is played on them by the police.

The judicial system in India, if properly operated, people like Ravi Naik and sons, Cowmuth, Chorchill and brothers, Monster rat and family, Narkasur OOPS! Narvenkar, Ranes, Luizinho, Mauvinho, Parrikar would have been in jail serving term whereas Mickey Mouse would have been awaiting the hangman at gallows.

This is the mockery of Democracy through red tapisma dn favouritism.

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