PANJIM: PWD minister Churchill Alemao on Friday said that Union ministry of road transport and highways Kamal Nath has agreed to save more than 400 structures that were earlier identified for demolition for road widening/four-laning of NH 4-A.  He said the structures between Panaji and Mollem which were slated for demolition will now be reduced to 135 from 576. "Union minister for road transport and highways Kamal Nath has been sympathetic to us," Alemao said.
He said of the 135 structures, only around 40 are of concrete. Nonetheless, Alemao said he and chief minister Digambar Kamat have taken a firm decision that the compensation to be paid to the owners of structures to be demolished will be at the market rate. "We have to be considerate to the people who sacrifice their land and houses for the state," Alemao said.  "We are doing it with a human touch, otherwise a large number of houses would have to be demolished," he said, reminding that he had led an agitation some years ago to oppose the expressway.
To a query on National Highway Authority of India's (NHAI) land acquisition notification of November 2009 likely to lapse this month-end, Alemao said an amendment could be moved to keep it going.
Though the November 2009 notification showed the road width as 60 metres, it will now be reduced to 45 or even 35 metres wherever possible. "In stretches where land availability is huge on either side, the width will be 60 metres," an official said.  Sources said PWD officers called on officers of the Union ministry of road transport and highways and NHAI on Friday. (TOI)


diogofichardo said...

Does Goa need these Highways through the towns and villages? These politicians are bending backwards to please the high command. Bad enough the badly planned Konkan Railway is a curse for Goans . It has transported criminals in and out from outer states who commit crimes in Goa. The high way will be an added blessing to the criminals.

Anonymous the VIII said...

It is not High Command. No command can stop them. They have just one command. FILL ONES POCKET.
If the Highway doesn't take off, Central Govt. has stated it will withdraw the MONEY.
These 40 chor will only see where they can loot; nothing for the good of Goa.
Has anyone calculated how much area of land in Goa is covered by tarmac in respect to the total area of Goa?
Where is the area for absorption of water to the water table during rains? Why are there floods? Have natural drainage been preserved?
Every village has myriad of unnecessary tar roads through properties, fields, etc. just to please some section for votes. Some want roads up to their doorstep.
And now more area is going to be covered by tarmac with the coming of MOPA airport, and this unnecessary Highway in Goa.

Da Silva said...

There is no human touch for this project but body blow for Goa.

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