MARGAO: Three persons were injured in a scuffle that broke out soon after the conclusion of the civic elections at Margao's Moti Dongor, a ward classified by the authorities as sensitive. All three persons, including a 14-year-old boy, were rushed to Hospicio hospital, Margao, and were later discharged after being administered first aid.
Sources informed that one person sprayed some fluid into the eyes of another and began assaulting him. As two others tried to intervene, they were also severely beaten. Police were in the process of registering an offence against the accused till late Sunday night.
A tense situation, however, continued to prevail at Moti Dongor following the incident and additional police reinforcements were sent to the locality to prevent further clashes.  A leader of the minority community election panel, Abdulmatin Daud Carol criticized the administration for failing to take any preemptive measure to prevent gang fights at Moti Dongor.
"We had repeatedly informed the returning officer as well as the election observer in the afternoon about the possibility of gang wars breaking out. However, despite assuring us that additional police force will be deployed, no action was taken," Carol told TOI.
Meanwhile, the elections to 11 muncipal councils in the state took place on Sunday and registered an overall voting percentage of 72.62.  Only one person in Mormugao was taken under preventive arrest under Section 151 of the CrPC. Counting of votes will begin at 8am on Monday. (TNN)


diogofichardo said...

Where are these Gang Members from, and who do they support? How many of the members are Goans compared to Non-Goans? Moti dongor and other slums have become a no go area for Goans

Dalia said...

Is Moti Dongor the place where the family of Cowmuth stays? Woh, that must be a posh place of the locality. However, the Hospicio and the cemetery is just below the Moti Dongor, nothing to worry about.

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