PANJIM:  Goa Cricket Association (GCA) will not host any more international cricket in Goa till their own Tivim stadium is ready said GCA President Dayanand Narvekar.  “We hope to get  Tivim stadium ready by January 2013,” Narvekar further added. He said that although matches were allotted to GCA they could not be held due to problems with the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium at Fatorda, more specifically with their drainage system.
"It's uncomfortable to hold match there," he added.  One Day International (ODI) between India and Australia scheduled on October 24 had to be called off due to soggy field.
GCA has already acquired land for Rs. 150 crore worth stadium project at Tivim. Goa government has been paid Rs. 1.6 crore by GCA to acquire land for the project and BCCI will provide subsidy to the tune of Rs. 50 crore for this facility, Narvekar said.
“Work on the Tivim Statdium will start by December this year and entire project will be completed in next two years," Narvekar added.  The GCA president was categorical that the only thing they would want from the Government is co-operation and that GCA does not expect any financial help from the government. (DG)
NIZ GOENKARS ADD: Unestimated is the result of the number of Goans that will be thrown out of their properties, fields vanishing and greenery disappearing.  Narvekar is hell bent on building a stadium at Tivim which is totally unwanted and not at all required for a small state as GOA.  Question to Narvekar: How much are you going to pocket from the sanctioned amount + from the builder?


A GOAN said...

Nice to have Cricket Stadium in Goa. Niz Goenkars are talking about money being pocketed by Narvenkar. Does this money belong to Goa & Goans. If not, let him have his full share. Of course I am concerned about the greenery, fields and properties which Goans will loose. These Goans should be properly compensated with market value. Do we have any other alternative place. People say the stadium is unwanted. What ages ?? Let our children exel in sports. Lets keep them busy or else they will be spoilt with alcohol and drugs. The second thing is, since everybody has an eye on this property, other politicians will not waste time to alocate this place for housing ghantis if not their close ones. LONG LIVE GOA & NIZ GOENKARS !!

Anonymous the VIII said...

It is very easy for "stooges under cover" to say that Goans should be compensated with market value. Also very easy to state money does not belong to Goa, and let the minister concerned have his full share of 'hafta'.
Goans have excelled all these ages without a stadium. But we do not need a stadium at the cost of our farmers who earn their daily bread on their lands, not at the cost of destroying Goan forest cover, water table, cost of living, etc., and definitely not at the cost of destroying Goa and Goans. No land till date since India has invaded Goa has any Goan land that was acquired was paid even 0.1% of market value.
Goa is not a vast state, we have limited land for expansion, we need dedicated statesman to govern and make best use of our resources.
Stupid comments only go to show that the comment was from Narvekar's 'chamcha' or paid mercenary of the ministers to show disputed thinking among Niz Goenkar.
Niz Goenkars have surpassed the ages when Goans were known for their 'bavarth'. They have been pushed too far.

A Goan said...

Niz Goenkars must remember that branding everyone a chor is the simplest thing anybody can do. The 4o MLA's who represent us in asssembly is elected by us (pure) goans. Is this correct ? The trouble with goans is that they are afraid and incapable to say that one or two of them are good or pure. Let's adopt a measure and be united to support them without party affiliation. The yardstick should be corruption. Who is doing more,less or none. You may be surprised we do have or two, but they may have some other faults like communalism. Take the instant of Mr. Parrikar. We had another clean man in Mr. Matanhy Saldanha. Did we elect him back ? Even the church in Goa are supporting corrupt people,they say corruption is better than communalism. So the question for all of us is WHO IS CHOR ? LET GOOD SENSE PREVAIL ON ALL GOANS. VIVA GOA & NIZ GOENKAR /


Dear Commentators and Mr. A Goan,
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Niz Goenkar

Anonymous the VIII said...

My dear Niz Goenkars, anyone can sing "VIVA GOA & NIZ GOENKAR"! We are not dumb any more my friends.
"A Goan", your English shows how educated you are.
Secondly, do you ask who is doing more or less corruption in your comment?
Third, if the 40 chor represent pure Goan, who have the GHANTIS whom the 40 chors have adopted in all the slums in Goa voted for?
Fourth, why did the cap fit you, why are you agitated? Obviously a chamcha from an illiterate minister cannot be literate.

dlp said...

Anonymous the VIII... Not to worry. These guys will come and these guys will go. Most of them are planted here. So let them flourish in their own way, watered by their Boss/Saib as you say. Let us ignore them and stick to our main cause. But here I won't sing "VIVA GOA & NIZ GOENKAR" in case you doubt me. I will just say "CHEERS!"

diogofichardo said...

I doubt we are playing a cricket match here, but bringing the true fact of Goan politicians corrupt life on Niz Goenkars site. As dlp said and I echo him there are FEW commentators that are planted on this site to disrupt unity. The destruction of Goa begun unchallenged but that has gone too far and needs to be stopped. There needs to be a stop before Goa becomes another Bogota or like cities of Mexico where life is meaningless.

Unknown said...

Even if we do need a stadium, why is it being built in Tivim? This stadium is more for the people across the border and to raise the property value. Look at it this way. You have the airport there and the stadium and look at how Sawantwadi is flourishing. This is all planned well but not in favour of Goa or the Goans. There is land which can accomodate a stadium centrally in Goa which can help the youth to avail the facilities. John Pereira

Antoni said...

I'm a tivimkar, have you ever been to Tivim or seen the proposed site. The site falls in an area called Aamñani It calls to cut down a forested hill and destroy the fields. Is this what is progress? Why do we need a cricket stadium in Tivim only, build it some other place... perhaps in the backyard of A Goan.
Last time we opposed it, and will this time too.

Jetroy F. Dias said...

@ A Goan
Mr. Matanhy Saldanha and Mr. Clean, If I am Not Mistaken, He is the same Ex. MLA from Cortalim Constituency along with one Mr. Joel were in the forefront in the agitation against the Metastrips Industry which was coming up @ the Sancoale Industrial Estate. This guy was undergoing Fast unto death. What followed afterwards was really surprising, He supported the BJP Government of Mr. Pariakar and Became the Industrial Minister and gave a go ahead a clean to the same industry, without any modification to the setup. So readers what made Mr. Matanhy Saldanha suddenly change of heart towards metastrips?

So acres of land can be acquired by multi national companies for industries, but not for a cricket stadium which would be utilised by goan youngsters. Well some of the commentators are saying that we have done without a stadium all this time, but the heed of the hour is a independent stadium for cricket, one cannot utilise the Nerhu stadium at Fatorda for Football and Cricket.

Vivi GCA
we have all the Blessing
Jetroy F. Dias

Dalia said...

Cricket is one of the sport that is played according to climate and atmosphere. It is the game of the corrupt as so much money is involved in cricket. It is basically a lazy man's game. It has killed Football in India. It is a shame that having a population of over one billion, we cannot compete in the FIFA World cup with just 11 players? Cricket is given more importance not because it is another sport but another playground to make money.

diogofichardo said...

Dalia: I am sure you remember in the old days when Goa had less sporting facilities', There were better sportsmen in Goan Villages and Towns. Goan Football was at its highest until Indian army invaded Goa. Goan sportsmen born and bred in Goa represented many countries around the world. Having a state of the art New Cricket stadium built will not benefit the common Goan's child. Besides the destruction of Goa the membership will be awarded to the elite rich and may be drug dealers and Non-Goans.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

The people of Tivim and surrounding /nieghbouring areas should be the first, to be consulted if a Cricket Ground is to be constructed.It is they, who will have to bear the brunt and consequences.
If their decision is that a cricket ground is not of any major benefit to them, it should then be decided on a consensus of various other village groups.
A Centlarised location will benefit everyone and be a popular decision.

diogofichardo said...

N. Fernandes (London) Do these crooks know the meaning of the words Planning or Consult? They deal with brute force and greed. One has to see how the Konkan Railway and the mega projects are being built. They are manmade disasters waiting to happen as they are badly planned.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

Diogofichardo:::I quite agree.For the Current bunch of Rulers...Planning =sand papering wood to make it smooth and Consult= means some Consul General of a Foreign Nation.
These guys (MLA`S) will sell their children for their current lifestyles and egos.The future is of no concern, even for their own kids.
Parents will have amassed a booty for their kids.

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