VASCO: The Commanding Officer of the Portuguese ship ‘NRP Sagres’ Proenca Mendes stated that the ship has nothing to do with the policies of the government and politicians in Goa, and was in fact on a goodwill visit to the state.
He was speaking to ‘The Navhind Times’ in view of the opposition to the vessel, raised by a section of the society in the state. The Commander said that the ship was on its maiden visit to Goa as a gesture of 1goodwill and that the Portuguese ship has nothing to do with the policies or the politics of either government. He also said he is unaware of any opposition to the visit of the ship.
‘NRP Sagres’ comprising of 139 crew members, including 9 officers, 16 petty officers and 114 ratings, arrived in the state on Thursday at around 11.45 a.m. on a five-day visit, amidst tight security.  A team of Eagle Force besides police personnel from Vasco police station, Mormugao police station and Verna police station were deputed at berths 9 and 10 of MPT to avoid any untoward incident.
The Vasco PI, Mr Braz Menezes and Verna PI, Mr Jivba Dalvi were seen monitoring the situation on the arrival of ‘NRP Sagres’ in the port and also outside the port where protest was being made.  The Commanding Officer, Mendes of the ‘NRP Sagres’ was given a warm welcome by the staff officer, Indian Navy, Goa Area, Commander Prashant Mathur on the arrival of the ship at Mormugao port.
Briefing the media aboard ‘NRP Sagres’ Commanding Officer Mendes informed that the ship has called on Mormugao port in Goa on a goodwill visit, aiming to strengthen relationship between Portugal and Goa. He told that the ship sailed from Lisbon to Goa about ten and half month ago. The ship will leave Mormugao port on November 16, for Singapore via Sri Lanka. The ship will be open for the visitors on November 12 and 13.
EMAIL RECIEVED FROM ONE SHANKAR NARAYAN GAONKAR ADDS: We love Portugal and Portuvuese and a Portugal loves Goa and Goans. BJP is a DOGS party and Karmali is a filthy rogue


diogofichardo said...

Do those protestors including Karmali narrow minded people understand about building bridges? These right wing guys fear everything that moves because they are guilty of turning Goa into a destructed state.
Where are the so called liberators who turned Goa into a corrupt state?

Anonymous the VIII said...

Cdr. Luis Pedro Pinto Proença Mendes of Portuguese Naval training ship ‘NRP Sagres’is right in observing opposition from a section of the society in the State of Goa. This anti-social section of the society are the Ghantis that have invaded Goa and are posing as Goans or liberators of Goans. They have conveniently forgotten that the whole world knows that Goa has neither attained freedom nor liberated; but invaded by the Indian Army in 'Operation Vijay'.

Da Silva said...

Even Indians will laugh at this clown Naguesh Karmali for claiming that he is a freedom fighter. India did not need Nagues Karmali to conquer Goa. India was reluctant to snatch Goa because of UN requested for a referendum. Nagues Karmali should know who is freedom fighter? Before applying cow dung to his face and open his mouth. Brainless moron.

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