PANJIM:  Notwithstanding right-wing Hindu groups opposition to the processions of Narkasur, scores of effigies of the demon king would dot every nook and corner of Goa Thursday.  The right-wing Hindu groups in Goa have opposed organising Narkasur's processions on the occasion of Diwali terming it as "glorification" of evil.
"We are strictly against glorifying demon. Instead, Lord Krishna, who killed the demon should be worshipped," Sanatan Sanstha's Managing Trustee, Virendra Marathe said.
Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti last week submitted memorandums to Chief Minister Digamber Kamat and other officials in this regard.  Also, corporate sponsorships to such processions and inconvenience caused to people have been cited as reasons for the opposition to these practises.
However, despite the opposition, hundreds of Narkasur effigies will be seen throughout Goa today when they will be taken out in processions having people dancing to loud music. Besides, several Narkasur competitions, deciding which effigy is the scariest, would be held.
Incidentally, it were the activities of Sanatan Sanstha that were thoroughly probed after some of its seekers (devotees) allegedly tried to trigger serial blasts near Narkasur competitions last year. - PTI


dlp said...

I have seen this procession of Narkasur and burning of the efigy in my village many, many years ago. As kids we were always waiting to see the Narkasur and the moment we used to hear the sounds of ghummotts beating and fire crackers we used to run to the main road to see this Narkasur. The Hindus used ro be elated by seeing all the Christians coming to watch their parade. I even played the tabla with them when they used to stop in our neighbourhood. It is a tradition and should be kept for our future generation to see. Like at Christians time we burn the old man on new year's eve. There is a significance for all these celebrations. Now who is this Sanatan Sanstha??? Do you know the meaning of Sanathan Sanstha??? In my interpretion it means "Satan's Followers". And we should be ready whether Hindus, Muslims or Christians to burn these Followers of Satan together with the Narkasur. Down with Sanathan Sanstha!

diogofichardo said...

Most of our politicians have held their tails between their legs some have sided with right wing Hindu organisations. As none of them have condemned these organisations, they should be banned from Goan soil. But our Majority Moderate Hindu brothers and sisters have their heads on their shoulders for the Good of Goa. Goa is a democratic state and every Goan should be allowed to celebrate their festivals uninterrupted .

Dalia said...

I will glad if someone come forward and burn the VARCAsur. Atleast, one dirty scum bag will be lesser. How about naming this group as Sanathan Sodality?

Robert, Business Bay, Dubai said...

Dalia, you know very well the "Kortubam" of one nakli Sodality therefore do not encourage others to form another Sodality. One Sodality that is existing is too much with too many rouges and if these two Sodalities join together, what a "Satyanas", you imagine. So please refrain from using those words like sodality.

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