MARGAO: Strange it may seem, but true. Chief Minister, Digambar Kamat would now police the Margao traffic cops after they have been found napping while regulating and streamlining traffic in the city.  An agitated Kamat is believed to have issued strict directions to the traffic cops not to leave the Margao city jurisdiction and instead stay put in the city to regulating worsening traffic scenario.
That’s not all. The chief minister has warned senior traffic police officials that he would not hesitate to recommend suspension of traffic police if they are found wanting in their duties along the pick-stand road near Royal Foods.
Sources in the know said the Chief Minister was an agitated lot after he found that there are no too many constables to regulate traffic in the city. This prompted him to speak to the police higher-ups in the police headquarters with a direction not to deploy traffic cops outside the city till the traffic situation improves.
It is not out of place to mention here that traffic cops are more seen at Sirlim-Dramapur and Nuvem on the NH-17 almost everyday, enforcing traffic rules, while giving traffic regulation a go-by in the city.
There are complaints galore of policemen causing harassment to the motorists, especially, outstation vehicles plying on the highway. In fact, the presence of the traffic cops near the religious shrine at Sirlim has not gone down well with the people as their activity of stopping outstation trucks and other vehicles is carried out right in front of the shrine.
That regulation of traffic inside the city is the need of the hour was evident by the fact that even the Superintendent of police, South Allan De Sa had to literally use his fists to discipline erring bus drivers and conductors. (HD)


Shyam Sawant said...

Looks like the CM is trying to pull wool over the eyes of the Goans by waking up now to implement the law and order in Margao. This is nothing but a cover up for his hoarding up of ghanttis in Margao and giving them a haven in Goa by throwing out the Goans.

Unknown said...

Nope.. He needs the cops in town now to regulate the traffic to create easy access to the AC Latrine.He would also go to the extent of getting the cops to do chaprasi and chowkidar duty.

The small minded, pea braind, cheap minister probably got delayed in traffic on an urgency to the piss pot and had to do it in his pants.
next time try wearing a pamper instead.

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