PANJIM: The Minister for PWD, Mr Churchill Alemao, launched the construction work of 300 cubic metre overhead reservoir at Housing Board colony at Camurlim village in the distinguished presence of the Tourism Minister, Mr Nilkanth Halarnkar, recently.  The proposed scheme consists of construction of 300 cubic metre overhead reservoir for augmentation of water supply to Camurlim village.
The existing 300 cubic metre ground-level reservoir which was constructed in the year 2006 could not meet the demands of this area due to the drastic increase in population. The estimated cost of the project is ` 72.37 lakh and is to be completed in a time span of 240 days. This scheme will benefit 3,602 population from that area.
The proposed project of overhead reservoir (OHR) will improve the water supply to areas of Khairat and Vagali, which are located at the end points.
Also the houses which are at level with the existing ground level reservoir (GLR) will get water with sufficient pressure after the commencement of this scheme.
While addressing the people, Mr Alemao said that the government is very much concerned about the basic requirements of the people in the state. “The proposed project will provide adequate water supply to the people of Camurli and nearby areas. The government has already undertaken augmentation of water supply in different parts of the state.” he added.
While speaking on the occasion, Tourism Minister, Mr Halarnkar said that adequate water supply was the long pending demand of the people. He further said although the people are suffering due to the shortage of water but after the completion of the proposed project people will get adequate water supply. He complemented PWD Minister for the scheme. Water to the proposed 300 cubic metre OHR will be drawn from Assnora water treatment plant. Those who attended the function were Ms Diana D’Souza, Zilla Panchayat member, Ms Ranjana Goankar, deputy sarpanch, Mr J S Rego, principal chief engineer, PWD. Mr Sharad Gad, sarpanch welcomed the guests. (NT)


franco said...

Excellent scheme Chorchill, but to what extend will your commission be 15% or 20%. You are more concerned about filling your pockets than your awareness in Goenkar’s benefit. This is purely your business tactics.

Dalia said...

Where there is no commission there won't be any development. This is the policy of the Kamat government and Chorchill in particular. When will people get rid of these looters of Goa?

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