BATTLING CORRUPT JUDGES by Adv. Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar

The Judicial committee set up by the Rajya Sabha, finding Calcutta High Court Judge, Mr. Soumitra Sen guilty of misappropriating Rs. 33,22,800 comes as another blow close on the heels of a string of corruption charges against the judiciary. The impeachment proceedings against Justice Sen should be swift.
Making the Right to Information Act applicable to the entire judiciary may be a step in the right direction. In 2007 Transparency International had reported that the judiciary in our country, contrary to public perception is the third most corrupt institution. We have been witnessing that much of this is swept under the carpet. As disciplining judges, especially of the High Courts and Supreme Court is a cumbersome task, the proposed Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill may be a solution to this malaise.
Corrupt or tainted judges should not be shielded. In the P.D. Dinakaran case one fails to comprehend as to how he could have been moved to the Sikkim High Court if he was not worthy to be the Chief Justice of Karnataka.


diogofichardo said...

One has to follow high profile court cases in Goa where acquittal is very common due to lack of evidence. Judges have granted permission to criminals to freely roam the country and even travel abroad. One has to imagine how much money changes hands to enjoy such freedom. Goan judicial system needs a big change but that can only come with honesty.

Dalia said...

Advocate Aires, though there are not many comments on your article, we are all reading and trusting that you will strive and change the functioning of the chors. Viva Dotor, Viva Niz Goenkar

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