VASCO: As the date to elect new chairperson of Mormugao Municipal Council (MMC) is fast approaching, Revenue Minister Jose Philip D’Souza is reportedly bargaining hard with the newly elected councillors to install his wife, Neny, as chairperson.  According to sources, horse-trading activities have commenced to buy the crucial votes to prove majority to install their chairperson.
The newly formed ‘Peoples Panel’ comprises 13 councilors, including five former chairpersons – Carlos Almeida, Sharad Chopdekar, Manesh Arolkar, Shekhar Khadapkar and Saifullah Khan, besides Councilors Krishana Salkar, Sudesh Kolgaonkar, Tukaram Redkar, Suchita Shirodkar, Bhavana Bhosle, Sumita Usgaonkar, Sarita Palkar and Tara Kerkar.
The ‘People Panel’ has been supported by Mormugao BJP MLA Milind Naik, Cortalim MLA Mauvin Godinho and a businessman from Vasco with the sole purpose to ensure that D’Souza’s kin is kept out from occupying the chairperson’s post.  The D’Souza-backed group has seven councilors, including his wife, Neny, and his elder brother, Pascaol, and Jerry Fernandes, Sunita Landez, Lavina D’Souza, Fiola Rego and Pramenand Nanoskar.
Sources informed that desperate attempt to lure councilors from both the sides has given rise to horse-trading, as one of the councilors was even offered Rs 25 lakh to break away from the ‘People Panel’.  Both the groups are however confident of their councilors being elected as chairperson on November 11. “We are intact and confident of forming the next council,” said Councilor Manesh Arolkar.
Councilor Jerry Fernandes of the D’Souza-backed group also said that he is confident that their panel would get through. Meanwhile, the Director of Municipal Administration (DMA) has appointed Deputy Collector (Rent Controller) Rajan Satardekar as the presiding officer for the election on 11th November.(HD)


Savio Araujo said...

SAVIO said,
DONT TRY TO FOOL US!As a Vascoite i have more knowledge about facts from Vasco.Some press reporters are acting as Puppets and Pimps for people like Mauvin Godinho.We dont see much reporting about the facts hence we havent seen any negative reporting of Mauvin on O HERALD.The phrases are selected and reported on the orders of MAUVIN.How can we believe those who merry and dine with the likes of Mauvin Godinho.We need more neutral sites like NIZ GOENKAR.
People of Vasco gave highest mandate to Jose Philip panel compared to others even after massive influence of money by the likes of Mauvin,Miky,Nana Bandekar and others.The panel known as PEOPLES PANEL in reality is just opposite.People of VASCO DID NOT GIVE MANDATE TO THIS PANEL YET THEY ARE CONSIDERING THEMSELVES AS PEOPLES PANEL.This panel is only for their individual interest.Manish Arolkar and Carlos Almeida are financed by noted INDUSTRIALIST MR NANA BANDEKAR to rope in the likes of Shard chopdekar,Krishna Salkar and others as he WANTS to be MLA OF VASCO.Shekar Khadapkar AND Saifullah Khan has been financed and used by MAUVIN to influence Tukaram Redkar, Suchita Shirodkar, Bhavana Bhosle, Sumita Usgaonkar, Sarita Palkar and Sudesh Kolgaonkar.Tara Kerkar has alliance with Churchill.When the likes of NANA BANDEKAR(Industralist),Mauvin Godinho(Ex Power minister),Mickky Pacheco and others joined together and horse traded with the new councillors in LACKS of amount.How can Philip make his panel individually even after given majority over others .Here only THE MIGHT IS RIGHT.People of VASCO ARE WISE SO PLEASE DO NOT COVER OUR EYES.PLEASE REPORT SENSE.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Savio Araujo ::You are correct.NIz -Goenkar (NG) is fully aware of votes being purchased rather than being cast based on merit.It is a deadly cancer that exists in Goa.
I am sure you will agree , buying Votes is not True & HONEST DEMOCRACY.In Goa Election time is nothing more than CATTLE TRADING in a Market place.These elected councillors are nothing more than pawns in the hands of the corrupt MLA`s.They can be bought or sold as you would animals.
O`Heraldo newspaper is surely a puppet of the Political classes.They have been "GAGGED" and BLINDFOLDED.
You can trust NG will debate issues facing Goa fearlessly.Thats what TRUE DEMOCRACY is.
Calling Elections in Goa as FREE & FAIR is a plain lie.How many Politicians can you count that can stand up an say "I won the elections without purchasing it.
The sort of money these guys use at elections does not fall from or grow on trees.It has to be accquired by corrupt means...which means plundering Goa and its Citizens.
NG hopes it can play a small part in changing this cancer that exists amongs the politicians.
Calling these guys Politicians is incorrect.They have more wild animalistic traits.

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