PANJIM: Standing in long queues to purchase tickets for shuttle bus service could be a thing of the past as the Kadamba Transport Corporation has proposed to install ticket vending machines in the state. The proposal could materialise by early next year.
Confirming the reports that the KTC would go ahead with installing automated machines, the KTC managing director, Mr Venancio Furtado said, “We are definitely going to have ticket vending machines in the state. However, it (beginning of the initiative) may take some time. We are holding talks with various companies offering the machines so that we can have the best.”
Throwing light on how ticket vending machines will function, the transport director, Mr Arun Dessai informed that the vending machines would operate like an automated teller machine which would be fed with fare table, destination, and connected to a self-printing machine. He said the commuter would have to punch the starting point to his or her destination.
A ticket will be generated giving the distance covered, fare and date which would have to be given to the conductor for a proper accounting of trip summary. This is aimed at preventing pilferage of revenue.
Mr Furtado said the Central Institute of Road Transport, Pune, has given the corporation a list of 12 companies of which two have already made presentations, while the corporation is going through presentations of other companies before making a final decision and floating a tender. He said that each company has something different to offer and hence the corporation would have a close look at what each company has to offer before choosing the best.
Goa would receive Rs 1.5 crore from the Union government for putting up the vending machines while the state government would have to shell out an equal amount for the project, Mr Dessai said. He said the Centre has been encouraging state governments in the country to promote use of automated ticket vending machines, which prompted the state to avail of the scheme.
Recently, a team of CIRT experts was in Goa to study the modality of installing machines and held talks with officials of the KTC and the transport department.
The cost of each automated machine is around Rs 3500 to Rs 8000.
Highly placed sources on condition of anonymity informed that the move, once it becomes a reality, would replace manual ticketing providing relief to thousands of commuters travelling by the KTC, especially its shuttle bus service.
Mr Furtado said the corporation is identifying the number of stops on routes where the ticket vending machines could be installed. (NT)


Anonymous the VIII said...

I don't believe this. If vending machines work in India like in Europe, the metro trains in Bombay would have been the first to install them. The rush for tickets there is much bigger than in Kadamba stands; but they still do it manually.
In the first place, a technician will be needed round the clock for maintenance; otherwise it will be like the street signal lights installed at various places in Goa.
Secondly, the humidity in India's coastal region is not conducive for the life span of electronic equipment.
And finally, it will be another target for mischief and thieves.
Some bright ideas Goa government babus/(baboons) for making their hafta.

Dalia said...

In Goa, Ticket Vending Machines will be first installed by Redorao Grasseater and Lady Ana Cleta to vend UGDP tickets as they will make a good hefty business. UGDP is a Open For All shop for aspiring candidates to buy tickets.

Ratol Baba said...

How about asking Narvenkar to print some fake Caitanbab Transport tickets and sell in the open market? Is it a bad idea?

Shyam Sawant said...

The existing systems do not work well with these people and do they expect these machines to work well down in Goa with so many ghantis who will be spitting pan on the machines?

N.Fernandes (London) said...

Dont forget guys....these days there is a good price for rusting scrap metal and copper wires and computer chips.
The scrap metal merchants must be looking forward to laying their hands on
these Ticket Machines.
Goa Police has a shortage of Personnell and so will be unable to look after the machines.However Goa Police can rest assured that their "NON CONVICTION " rates will get a distinction percentage.Remember their target for NON CONVICTION is nearing 100%

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