MARGAO: The police have finally made their presence felt in the slums and basties of the migrants of the Commercial Capital, with campaigning for the Margao Municipal polls reaching a feverish pitch.  Upon instructions of the Returning Officer, Johnson Fernandes, the Margao police has deployed police atop Moti Dongor, the Azad Nagar, Khareband and other places to instill confidence amongst the inhabitants as all out efforts are on to woo the migrants to vote in favour of particular candidates.
Margao PI Santosh Desai said the police has made their presence felt in the slum areas of the city from Monday so as not to take any chances on the law and order front with election tempo rising in the last few days.
Though the police has not yet identified sensitive and hyper sensitive polling booths in the city, the police has deployed the force well in advance to send a message loud and clear to the miscreants that the law will come down heavily on anyone fomenting trouble.
Interestingly, the police has commenced a drive, seeking good behaviour bonds from anti-social elements to ensure a peaceful poll on October 31. “This is a routine exercise undertaken by the police during elections. We have identified a number of anti-social elements in the city. Good behaviour bonds will be taken from the anti-social elements”, PI Desai said.
The police decision to deploy police in the slums and basties comes against the backdrop of the emerging situation atop Moti Dongor. Rival groups have blamed the police for arresting a local resident at the behest of the powers that be.
When contacted, PI Desai said that the police arrested one person not in connection with the polls, but for an incident that occurred at a sporting event.
“The police have arrested the person under section 151 of the Cr P C following the incident. It has got nothing to do with the Municipal polls”, he said. However, groups opposed to the Chief Minister Digambar Kamat has blamed the police for arrested the person on flimsy grounds, adding that the powers have started acting at the behest of the powers that be. (HD)


Anonymous said...

The inhabitants are all Ghanttis and a handful of Goans seen around usually do their part by staying away from trouble. The people who incite strife are the domesticated thugs of Digamber Kamat.

Dalia said...

Johnads, there are no Goans left in Monte Dongor and Chimbel including Zuari Nagar. These are the vote banks of the Ghantis and sooner, they will roost these places.

Salvador Alemao said...

That's true and from there they are making inroads in all other villagers thanks to the patronage they receive from Mauvin Godinho, Digambar Kamat, Monserrate and the rest of the thugs.

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