Nineteen passengers, including four children, were injured after a minibus skidded off the road at Velus-Valpoi on Friday. The Bus carrying passengers from Shignem to Valpoi was speeding towards Valpoi when the incident occurred.
According to Valpoi Police, all the injured passengers were rushed to Community Health Centre Valpoi. The Bus “Maa Santoshi” bearing registration number GA01 – U2078 was speeding towards Valpoi and at a junction between Velus and Nagargao suddenly saw the on coming bus and to avoid a direct collision swerved out of road.
The Valpoi Police also said that it was a miraculous escape for the passengers of the Maa Santoshi Bus. Later, 15 passengers were discharged after administering first aid, while four passengers are admitted at CHC Valpoi. Luckily the passengers of the bus escaped with minor injuries though they had to be shifted to the CHC for treatment. Eye witnesses told Niz Goenkar that the driver of the bus Maa Santoshi was driving recklessly and rashly.
The accident occurred when the bus (GA-01-U-2078) driver was trying to avoid collision against an oncoming bus. Police have identified the injured passengers as Urmila Gaude,Mahadevi Mashodkar, Dattavanti Rane, Devendra Chari, Manisha Kodalkar, Barkelo Gaonkar, Yugeni Gaonkar, Ganga Gawas, Sheetal Surlakar, Vassudev Gawde, Uttam Gaude, Praveen Yatekar, Vithal Gawas, Krishna Rane, Satyavan Surlekar, Jyoti Rane, Chandani Payaji, Kiran Sawant and Chandani Gaonkar.
The passengers of the bus were given first aid treatment at the Valpoi CHC and discharged. Head Constable Mrs. Jayanti Gawas conducted the panchanama under the supervision of PI Shivram Vaigankar and further investigation is in progress.


Sandesh Gaonkar said...

This is the reason why we need only Kadambas on the Goan roads and not the private buses. The private buses should be stopped forever and in their places Kadambas should be started.

diogofichardo said...

What are the conditions of these busses? Many of the busses I have seen while in Goa have worn out tyres. The drivers breaking system is very poor. I Thank God all the passengers are safe.

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