MARGAO: An ultimatum of eight days has been served by the Davorlim Residents on illegal parking of trucks near the Aquem Power house junction. Anant Sawant who led the residents, said that the trucks parked near the junction has been causing obstacles to the motorists from Davorlim entering Margao.
Sawant also said that the view of the main road get blocked due to this parking of trucks there, and as such the oncoming vehicles cannot be seen by the opposite direction vehicles, which leads to accidents. “The trucks have no right to park near the junction. The citizens of Davorlim are the worst sufferers. Let the government make arrangements for the trucks with parking facility”, he said.
Sawant along with other residents have threatened to come onto the streets if the government fails to remove the illegal parking within eight days. “We have not served any official notice on the authorities to stop the illegal parking. The presence of the trucks right near the junction is visible to a naked eye”, he said, and wondered why the traffic authorities have till date not cracked a whip against the illegal truck parking.


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