MAPUSA: Principal chief engineer of the PWD, Mr Rego was petitioned over the poor water supply in Calangute and surrounding coastal belt on Wednesday. A delegation of ad hoc committee members of Shiv Sena led by Mr Phillip D’Souza called on Mr Rego and informed him about the severe water problem in Calangute.
"Water is supplied only on alternate days, and that too for less than an hour," Mr D’Souza told the engineer.  Mr D’Souza also informed him that concrete jungles had flourished in Calangute due to the careless attitude of health department and TCP department and due to this sewage had contaminated the ground water resources, thereby making it risky to use this water.  Another factor that has led to water scarcity is illegal bore wells and disconnection of free tap water.
He also told the PWD principal chief engineer that NOCs for constructions in Calangute had been given without any hesitation and today the situation was that Calangute and the entire coastal belt did not receive regular water supply and this was having a severe effect on the lives of people there.
Informing Mr D’Souza that there is a large scale absenteeism presently due to Ganesh festival, Mr Rego assured to take prompt action in the matter next week and get regular water supply restored for Calangute.
Meanwhile, this delegation of Shiv Sena ad hoc committee had recently called on the Mapusa chairperson and impressed upon her the need to provide a room in the market for the police, linemen and market inspectors.
The delegation members pointed out that many a time in case of emergency it was impossible to trace the police, linemen or market inspectors as they had no fixed place.  Therefore, the members felt that the municipality should make all efforts to allot a room for these people in Mapusa market and at a central place.


diogofichardo said...

Regardless of which angle one sees Goa you see the same picture of incompetence and neglect. This has been the heaviest monsoon for years and yet the state cries for water. The PWD has become a sleeping Dog that that does not care anymore. There are many Goans unemployed and yet the PWD has a shortage of staff during festival periods.

Joe Rebello said...

Wait friends! The PWD minister is busy making deals with Raheja to get more ghantis down to Goa. The water problem or the roads problem can wait till he fills up his treasury which he will require to hoist up BIG LIPS Valanka for the election.

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