If the government improves the public transport system more people may opt to travel by buses and this will help decongest our roads. The Kadamba Transport Corporation needs to be brought on track. The private bus operators also cannot be allowed to blatantly violate the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act. They drive just as recklessly as the KTC buses.
While travelling on a Panaji – Mapusa bus, when I requested a ticket I was told that they were under printing. The conductor was also without his uniform and badge too. The condition of the bus warranted that it should have been undergoing repair in the garage and not plying on the roads. The Transport department and the traffic cell of the Goa Police need to crack the whip. Every passenger should also insist on a ticket and that the drivers and conductors should be licensed and uniformed. There should be no room for cowboys who are rude to passengers and even sometimes deny students their rightful 50% bus concession.
Aires Rodrigues
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Anonymous said...

Aires - Whether you noticed or not - Every major Goa Bus Station you will see a cop in plaincloths taking hafta from every bus driver/conductor leaving it.The hafta seems goes to the incharge of Police-Station in that area and is shared from PSI's level onwards.These cops are not from traffic department since traffic department cops have other source of income specially from two-wheelers.

diogofichardo said...

Be it Corrupt officials or corrupt police that take Hahta, it has been Going on from the time of Liberation. Liberation is like the Konkan railway which has brought in nothing but crime corruption to the state of Goa. Will it ever change? Not unless we are united.

Rosario De Silva said...

The Government should wipe out the private buses system and only Kadamabas should operate in Goa. The Cowmuth is the biggest ba.....tard in Goa who is blockin all this and Parrikar is another ass......ole who pretends to be saint.

Leslie Dias said...


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