PORTUGUESE CITIZENSHIP & CITIZENS brought to you by Menino Fernandes

Obtaining the Portuguese citizenship is one of the 27 formulas to grant the European citizen status. Being Portuguese is trendy since Portugal joined the EEC, now European Union.
It is great to be a European Union citizen, once it is the biggest market in the world and the populated area in which the Human Rights have reached the highest standards.
Thousands of Portuguese descendents coming from the European rectangle, the old colonies and from the emigration countries are currently applying for the Portuguese citizenship.
There are not only emotional reasons that motivate those people. There is also a craving for freedom of circulation and dignity, when Europe threats to become a fort, creating more obstacles for immigration.
This European Union is aged and needs new blood. And this is seen by many as an undelayable opportunity. Being a citizen from an EU country means being an European citizen – which is something far and away more different than being an immigrant in Europe.
This site intends to provide information to those who are entitled to obtain the Portuguese citizenship.
Being a Portuguese citizen – therefore an European Union citizen – is a privilege that cannot be wasted by those who have the opportunity to obtain the Portuguese citizenship, not only due to the benefits of the EU, but also because it is advantageous to be a Portuguese nowadays.
After the Empire cycle, despite of its small territory, Portugal has gained respect from the rest of world. Being a holder of a Portuguese passport is no longer a trouble as it was during the dictatorship period.
Portuguese in India
The territories of Goa, Daman, Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, incorporated by the Republic of India in December 1961, were lawfully Portuguese territories until 3rd June 1975.
According to the Portuguese laws, the citizens born in those territories are Portuguese citizens.
Our lawyers have studied the matter of the citizens born in the former State of India and provide legal assistance to those citizens and their descendents, aiming to regularise their records in the Portuguese Civil Register Office.
For more details  on this visit MRA ADVOGADOS at http://www.lawrei.eu/?p=index&Culture=en-GB&gclid=CLv2s7vAiaQCFcEB4wodO1BeHg


Anonymous said...

This will interest many of the Goan parents and the youth alike who have the keen desire to look for greener pasteurs in Western nations.

Digging further into the article I have noticed lots of detailed information been provided for the novice. This is an opportunity you get from your parents birthright to gather yourselves and head for the Portuguese passport to be a valuable European Union citizen.

Thank Minino, for the dig out.

Dalia said...

Go to the Portuguese Embassy and watch inthe Q, migrants including Sardars and Gujjus. Money power too works there for ineligible.

Anonymous said...

It's beyond my understading as to why the Sardars should be in line for Portuguese passports?? The only genuine records with them would be of the excavated tombstones from Goan cemetries or may have been genuine converts from the Portuguese ancestry.

Gujjus queing up for it is justified as they have lineage through Silvassa, Daman, Diu and Nagar Haveli.

dlp said...

When I was in Goa last time, I went to the Civil Register archives to get my birth certificate, but the pages of the book where my record is supposed to be is gone missing. Some Sardar or Gujju must already be in Portugal as DLP. Woe is me. What to do now!

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