PANJIM: Mr Shantaram Naik, MP, in a statement issued, on Saturday, has said that Indian Navy’s attitude of grabbing land in Goa needs to be opposed tooth and nail and therefore he will take up the matter with the Union Defence Minister, Mr A K Antony, very soon.
MP Shantaram Naik
Mr Naik said that Indian Navy is taking cover of security needs for the purpose of acquiring land in Goa, which examined from all angles is nothing less than grabbing of land, for which there is no provision in the Land Acquisition Act. He further said that the issue of Navy demanding two St George islands and Bimbvel beach needs to be rejected by the Goa government, and that he has already spoken to the Chief Secretary of government of Goa, Mr Sanjay K Srivastava to take a tough line in the matter.
Mr Naik said that Mr Srivastava has assured me that he would protect the interest of the State and said that he (Srivastava) has already questioned the Naval authorities for their past attitude.
The MP said that the islands are a part and the parcel of the state, and that, tourism activity, fishing activities and religious ceremonies will be trampled upon by the Indian Navy in the name of security, if these islands are allowed to be acquired or grabbed, adding he will be strongly with the villagers in and around the island opposing the move of the Indian Navy.
Mr Naik further said that he feels deeply pained to remark that if Indian Navy gives any assurances of protecting rights and fishing community or of not disturbing any tourism or religious activity, it is difficult to trust them.
"When Anjediv Island was handed over to Navy by the Goa government, Goans, specially Christian community was assured that they will be allowed to visit the island during the annual feast of the chapel standing there. However, after allowing the same for some years, the Indian Navy, some years back, has abruptly forbidden the community from carrying out their religious activities, despite the suggestion given to them that the worshipers can be taken by the Navy under security and be brought back after religious ceremony, again, under Navy’s security," he observed.
Mr Naik also said that naval authorities in Dabolim, who have been refusing to part with land for the expansion of Dabolim airport, have constructed in 17.4 acres of land, reserved by them for residential purposes, 245 residential units and, 323 more units are under construction, a number of which are allotted or/are proposed to be allotted, to families of those who are not working in Dabolim.


T. Shirodkar from Sanguem said...

Indian Navy's attitude is becoming that of dicttorship. It was with this intention the indians had invaded Goa. To destroy it and to eliminate all Goans. The indians are worst animals who are looting out beautiful country of Goa. All Goans must remember that WE ARE GOANS FIRST AND ABOVE ALL. India was only created in 1947 whereas Goa existed as a separate entity for more that 500 years before even the name India was heard. There was not india only kindgoms each one independent from the other.

Shyam Sawant said...

I think Shantaram Naik is in the proper place with is talk about the Indian Navy. Ever since the so called Liberation, the Indian Army and the Indian Navy have been looting Goa like it is their father's property. What is the Navy doing in Goa? Why are they not shifted to Kanyakumari. Anyhow the Indian Navy is good for nothing as they could not prevent the terrorists coming to Bombay by sea. Then what are they going to protect Goa?

Joe Rebello said...

I must agree with Shyam Sawant and T. Shirodkar. What they have spoken is absolutely right. The very idea of the Indian government is to erase the Goans completely from the map and make it a GHANTI land. Wake up Goans. Thanks Shantaram Naik for bringing this issue to the forefront.

Jane De Sa said...

Yes why is the navy interfering with the Goans so much. They even stopped people worshipping at the islands it has occupied forcibly.

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