PANJIM: Mr Sandesh Gawade, the brother of 35-year-old Raghavi Raghuvir Wadekar, who, along with her child, was found charred to death at Chorao, has lodged a complaint with the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM), that his sister was mentally tortured and physically harassed, that it led to her committing suicide.
He has also stated that he suspects murder in the death of his sister and her son Manjunath, and has urged the SDM to act against Geeta Kalangutkar, Bhiku Kalangutkar and Ramchandra Kalangutkar, the in-laws.
The case is being investigated by the SDM, Mr Shabaji Shetye, who informed that he would need some more time to complete the investigation and take the case to its logical conclusion. However, a source in the SDM informed that the case is likely to be registered under Section 306 of IPC (abetment to commit suicide).
A delegation of villagers of Chorao, who say this is a case of murder, on Thursday, submitted a memorandum to the Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO), Mr Deu Banaulikar, urging him to initiate action against the culprits. Mr Benaulikar informed them that as the SDM is investigating the case, the police cannot interfere. He however assured them that the needful would be done once the SDM submits a detail report and issues directions.
Mr Shetye meanwhile has questioned the family members of the victim and neighbours and statements have been recorded.
Meanwhile, another case where a woman from Maddel-Chorao, Mahima Ashok Chopdenkar, had committed suicide, by setting herself on fire, has been registered as a case of abetment to commit suicide. She was allegedly harassed for not being able to conceive even after three years of marriage.
Four persons from Chopdenkar family have been accused in this case, that include her husband, Ashok Chopdenkar, mother-in-law, Sunita Chopdenkar, father-in-law, Suryakant Chopdenkar and sister-in-law, Nutan Chopdenkar. (NT)


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