A delegation led by the sarpanch of Majorda village, Ms Visitation D’Silva, comprising of panchas and representatives of two star hotels, one from Majorda and the other from Utorda, will meet the Water Resources Minister, Mr Filipe Neri Rodrigues, on Monday, in an attempt to impress upon him the urgency in initiating steps to control the soil erosion on the beaches of Majorda and Utorda.
A letter has also been dispatched to the executive engineer, works division H, Water Resources Department, impressing upon him the need to initiate measures to prevent soil erosion and protect the coastal belt at Majorda and Utorda beaches.
The sarpanch said that the situation this year is much worse than witnessed over the last few years, adding that severe soil erosion has taken place on these beaches.
What is interesting to note is that some quarters have pointed that soil erosion at Majorda has increased after the removal of sand bags which were at Majorda beach. These sand bags were removed after the concerned party which was responsible for stacking these sandbags, was warned of stern action.
The sarpanch has also mentioned that the area near the Lifeguard tower has also eroding quickly, threatening to bring down the tower itself. She said the tower is presently supported by placing sandbags around it.
However, some villagers are of the opinion that the sandbags that were placed on the beach is the cause of the soil erosion. They said these sandbags prevented the natural flow of water and so the water had to find another route to get to the beach; in the course of which it took soil and sand with it.
Mr Caetano Fernandes, a local fisherman who has lived on the beach for more than 50 years, said that in about a year nature will take its own course and stability will return to the beach.
Some other locals said that Majorda and Utorda beaches have witnessed soil erosion during the monsoons, due to the attempts of some people who have placed sandbags on their property in order to save it from being washed away. They said these sand bags have altered the course of the water coming from the nearby creek, which empties into the sea. They said what is seen at Majorda is in a way, a violent way of nature’s reaction to attempts made to block the natural course of water flow.


Trevor said...

The landscape of Goa has been altered with all the concrete slabs for buildings....water is not flowing normally. These facts are never taken into account when a permit is issued for new construction....the price that is paid by all! You mess with nature and you pay!

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