MARGAO: Joaquim Alemao, the Cuncolim MLA expressed his solidarity with the striking NUSI Hospital employees. Alemao, the Ubran Development Minister said that he would boycott the inauguration of the NUSI Wockhardt Hospital at Panzorconne-Cuncolim on Wednesday.
After visit to the striking employees sitting outside the NUSI hospital on Tuesday, Alemao said that he would boycott the hospital inauguration scheduled for Wednesday.
Urban Development Minister Joaquim Alemao
The MLA said he has sought the intervention of the Chief Minister to settle the year-long labour dispute between the employees and NUSI management, adding that he would support the striking employees till their demands are met.
Alemao recalled that when NUSI hospital took shape at Panzorconne, he was not the MLA of Cuncolim, but added that agreement clearly shows that the hospital is required to provide jobs for the locals and discount for the seamen. “I am for the hospital project, but the workers are kept out by the management. First, there should be a settlement of the demands of the workers, otherwise the agitation would continue”, he said and vowed to support the striking employees till their demands are settled.
He allayed apprehensions of any law and order situation at the hospital venue on Wednesday, adding that that the ongoing agitation by the striking employees will be peaceful and there should be no occasion for any law and order problem. Activist Oscar Martins told newsmen that the striking employees have mooted an offer to the NUSI management last night and is awaiting positive response from the management.
He also demanded reservation of jobs in the management category in the hospital for Goans and the people of Cuncolim


diogofichardo said...

Qualified Goans and the local Goans must be offered all the posts available. But is this an issue to be politicized like divine intervention? The might of the Goan Citizerns is more powerful than that of a politician. Get United Until Your Demands Are Met

dlp said...

How come these two Alemao's suddenly started appearing in the news??? Time for elections huh?? We are not all fools to read this junk.

Dalia said...

Read the article well once again. You will note that this is not the genuine love of JOKING Alemao for the villagers or locals. He is talking about discount for the seamen well knowing that the sorrounding villages are full of seamen families. This is just another political gimmick by the seasonal joker.

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