Writing has never been easy for me. But as long as I can, I will continue to write openly and fearlessly about what I feel. While penning these lines I have to candidly admit that it pains me to speak about the former IGP of Goa. I have personally known him to be a gentlemen and who was kind enough to grace my 50th birthday earlier this year with his presence.
Being a lawyer myself I would hate to believe that the law is an ass. But sadly the sequence of events narrated below would make one believe so.
On the night of 4th December 2009, the 18 year old son of Goa’s now retired IGP, Mr. K.D.Singh, decided to go for a ride. Siddharth Singh chose not to ride his bicycle but instead got behind the wheel of the brand new Toyota INOVA GA 0039, which had been allotted to his Papa, the then IGP of Goa. He, along with his teen-aged friends hailing from Goa’s political and elite society, were driving towards Vasco late that night to be at a night club and that too in an official government vehicle designated for the Inspector General of Police, when their vehicle crashed, damaging two electricity poles.
Fortunately for the teens, there were no fatalities. The mangled remains of that vehicle which was bought by the Government on 29th April 2009 for around 10 lakh rupees, lies unattended at the Toyota showroom at Verna, a stark reminder of that fateful night.
What followed is evidence of the gross abuse of power and influence. Initially, there was an attempt to make Mr. Mahesh Kumar Sharma, the official driver of the IGP, the scapegoat, by implicating him for giving the keys of the official vehicle to Siddharth.
Rather than investigating how Siddharth Singh was driving his father’s official vehicle without authorization, attempts were made to cover up the evidence of the case.
The Police Sub Inspector who initially investigated the case got an out of turn promotion as Police Inspector within 20 days of that accident. The Departmental promotion committee of which IGP KD Singh was a member met on 23rd December 2009 and approved the promotion of PSI Jivba Dalvi and the promotion order was issued the same day. PSI Dalvi was promoted despite his very colourful and controversial record with the Goa Police.
After a shoddy probe which was obviously a mere cover up, the police sought the opinion of the Director of Prosecution Mrs. Shobha Dhumaskar on the issue. The opinion was sought on 18th February 2010 and was promptly ready on 22nd February.
The six page legal opinion makes interesting reading at the end of which she suggests that the IGP’s son should not be charge sheeted. While commenting that the police investigation is not up to mark yet the Director of Prosecution strangely does not suggest further investigation in the matter. Surprisingly the Director of Prosecution in her opinion says that despite the heavy damage to the vehicle, there was no evidence of rash and negligent driving and that it would be difficult to prove the case against Sidharth Singh.
Government vehicles are not insured. In the event of an accident the damages are recovered from the driver or officer responsible. In this case where the fault squarely lies with the now retired IGP and his son, no steps have been taken to recover the financial loss inflicted on the State exchequer.
The whole episode clearly indicates how the law is not upheld when it comes to sheltering the rich and powerful. The accident was a gross misuse of authority, which resulted in heavy financial loss to the government, should have been a matter of concern to the investigating authorities.
The law should have been allowed to take its own course with the former IGP KD Singh who has now retired in Goa. It would also act as a deterrent to the kith and kin of government officers and Ministers to misuse of official vehicles.
Allowing the former IGP and his son scot free is serious enough for the High Court to take suo motu cognizance of this flagrant flouting of the law. It is however for the Honourable Bombay High Court at Goa to take a call.
All said and done I am glad that growing up, I was not a son of a powerful officer or a power intoxicated politician. I am happy that I was just a son of an Aam Aadmi, who would have allowed the authorities to discipline me if the need arose. And so will I continue, never breaching the law even if I am tempted to do so. I will even remember to wear my seatbelt to teach my kids to respect the law. And a helmet too just in case the former IGP’s kid comes crashing down on me!
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Sandesh Gaonkar said...

Aires, don't you know that these IGPs are IPS officers? That is why they are more above the law. The other IPS officers who come to Goa are also Non Goans so they support each other. Bhimsen Bassi must have ordered his force not to charge the son of a fellow IPS officer.

Dalia said...

Recalling the events, the accident happened early morning. It was serious but everything was rolled under the carpet before the dawn. The car itself was covered in tarpaulin to hide the crime of the culprits one being the son of IGP and the other being the son of Casino Aleixo Sequira, another shameless MLA of Goa. The case was covered by the Most & Highly Corrupt then PSI Supercop Jivba Dalvi or police dalal. I do not think there is any other police officer in Goa highly corrupt than this J. Dalvi. I understand that this particular police officer is better known as the Collector of the police department. There were other teenagers, all below 18 years of age who went out to discos to spend the ill-gotten wealth of their fathers or family.

When Scarlett Keeling was killed, every of our high pride Goans condemned Fiona for leaving the girl with someone, can the same Goans now come forward and ask the parents of these teenagers how they allowed them to go out in discos that too with Government cars? I hope the Goa bench of the Bombay High Court take note of this fact and investigate the integrity of the police officer who conducted the panchanama.

Mario said...

Judiciary is no less corrupt then our Administrative system,presently Goa Judiciary is managed by two most corrupt Judges they are Judge Britto & Judge Desmond D'costa.The CJI of Bombay High Court should probe how Justice Britto granted bail to Criminal Ashish Shirodkar and how Desmond acquitted Lovel Martin murderers(Wife & Paramour).PI J Dalvi is criminal in cop uniform.

Seby Cardozo, Cayman said...

Dig-n-bor Cowmuth, can you read what is happening in Goa? I pray this Niz Goenkar twist your nose and wake you up. Good work Niz Goenkar. I never knew this site was existing, a bold one and not like Herald where it writes sentimental writings based on the likings of its political masters. Great Aires Rodrigues, please wake up Goans. The situation in Goa is scary as we read in the news, it is too scary. Can Niz Goenkar bring some new highlights on what is going on with the Ratol mickey case? Is it closed by the police for lack of evidence as usual? What about the Narash case? Same? What about the Valpoi poisoning case? Goa is just becoming a lawless state?

dlp said...

Seby.... What are you asking these cases? Dig-n-bor Cowmuth has got special suitCASES in his attic. Any crime or case that goes against his goverment is dumped into one of these suitCASES. Like skeletons in the cupboards these cases are in his suitCASES.

franco said...

I do not understand why Aires is bringing this case now after a lapse of almost 10 months. Aires is also one of them because he had invited all the top cops, politicians for this 50th birthday speaks volumes of this guy. I think because now he is being implicated in one or two cases and because the same people whom he had invited for his party are not helping him to come out of this mess, he is bring out his anger in the open by writing on this forum, so that we can make us puzzled because of his misgivings. The one who creates havoc for others digs his own grave?

Lily Gracias said...

franco what you say is right, readers do not think that Aires is a saint. It is just like franco said. One cannot trust Aires. Good that Niz Goenkar is bringing out these topics so that at least we can expose all those invovled in wrong doings including Aires.

dlp said...

It's all politicians' game. One day they are bossom pals the the moment one falls out the other will bring all his misdeeds out to have public sympathy for himself.

Victor Araujo said...

Mario your accusations against Judges Nelson Britto and Desmond D'Costa are false and without merit.

In fact Judge Nelson Britto as a Judge in the High Court has been instrumental defending Goa on a host of issues. With regards to granting of Bail there are set protocols established within the Rule of Law and they cannot be violated. In fact if you read the numerous decisions that he has presided you would better appreciate this stalwart Goan and the great service he has done for Goa

Mario said...

Victor, you might have not read various disciplinary strictures passed against corrupt Judge Desmond in various courts by his seniors. Why most of serious cases handed by Desmond end up in acquittal of the accused persons.
The NDPS court rejected the bail of Ashish & his drug mafias’ gang knowing fully well that stealing drugs from Court/Police custody and selling back in market is very serious offense by the criminals in cop’s uniform. It was only after corrupt Judge Britto gave Bail to Hashish Shirodkar the lower court have no other option then to give bail to rest of accused cops as well Israel mafia Mr.Victor don't you smell corruption in this whole episode knowing well that Judge Britto is very close to Ravi Charas Naik & Pighead Chorchill. His strictures against the Crime Branch are just to fool people, instead he should have reject the bail of Hashish & direct the cops how to conduct investigation professionally within a specific period...just barking like dog against the cops is of useless….what is end story…Drugs mafias led by Home Minister Ravi Naik & Sons are back in business to co-ordinates narcotics business in Goa.Hope you are at least aware where Atala is? Finally if you are kumpar of Judge Britto tell him to cancel the bail of Hashish Naik before he is reinstate back in the department to promote drugs culture in whole of India as in the case of PI J Dalvi.

Rajesh Dessai, Verna said...

Kitem re Mario you are like the proverbial Goan Crab out to pull down good Goans by throwing muck at them hoping something would stick. If you have the guts to slander others identify yourself using your actual and full name not just Mario.

The article being discussed is
ex-IGP, Mr. K.D.Singh's son Siddharth and your Alexio Sequeira's son Anthony's misuse of the official State vehicle, breaking the law and this all being covered by the Government machinery. You conveniently try to deflect the topic of discussion. If you want to talk about your personal grouses you post a separate article in your proper name identifying yourself.

What about confronting your elected representatives and MLAs who are responsible for the mess Goa is in? Or are you kumpar of Micky Pacheco's?

I'm posting below a letter from today's Herald in defence of Adv Nigel Costa Frias for your reference and if you are following the news in Goa you will see how honest people with integrity are attacked by unscruplous people with no guts in their balls like you. So if you are the son of your father then identify yourself
before slandering. Somzollo?

Don't try to hide behind a name like "Mario" and leave your ramblings.

Subject: Adv Nigel Costa Frias

I was shocked to learn of the complaint by a Junior Advocate alleging verbal
abuse by Adv Nigel Costa Frias. To my knowledge, Adv Nigel is a rare breed
of advocates in Goa, fighting for geniune cases in Goa against the corrupt
Anti Goans. We are all aware that various Goan Activists have been
intimidated via various means by the Anti Goan Government Machinery e.g.
False Police Complaints etc so as to allow the corrupt Politicians and
comrades to continue with their exploits? Is this a new way by the
Anti Goans to intimidate genuine pro-goan advocates fighting for Goa?

Theresa D'Souza said...

well said Rajesh. Mario doesn't have the "guts" to post in his real full name but is good at spoiling the name of honest people. The loud mouth should first identify himself before making false accusations.

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