MARGAO: Just two weeks later, after the CBI booked him for the alleged immigration and money laundering racket, former tourism minister, Mickky Pacheco has briefed NCP supremo Sharad Pawar that he is being harassed ruling party.
Mr. Pacheco flew to Delhi on Thursday noon and met the Union Agriculture Minister yesterday evening. It has been learnt that he has briefed him in detail on the “harassment and witch hunting” by the Congress government in Goa, first in the Nadia death case and now under the guise of the immigration and money laundering racket.
It is also learnt that the NCP leader is believed to have expressed shock over the way that the MLA is being treated by the government and is likely to take up the matter with the Congress leaders.  After his meeting with Pawar, the former tourism minister returned back to Goa on Friday noon.
He admitted having called on the NCP leader in Delhi, but declined to go into the details. Pacheco, however, expressed his satisfaction over the response from the NCP Chief and admitted that he briefed Pawar in detail on the harassment caused to him in recent times by the government.
The CBI is currently investigating into the alleged immigration and money laundering racket against Pacheco and have seized his mobile phones and laptops as part of the investigations.
Pacheco has already approached the court for release of his laptops and mobile phones and the court would decide on the application on October 1.
The question is: Is FBI and the US Authorities too harassing Mr. Pacheco or has the Indian government devised a plot to get rid of him? It is also seen that Pacheco has been involved in quite a few crimes that neither the Goa government nor the Central government was aware of? How does Pacheco explain that?


Dalia said...

The heading should read: Harrased by Miccky, Nadia gets killed.

franco said...

Mr. Mickey Mouse, I suggest you count your days and wait for the wrath of God to befall on you for all the wrong doings you have done in the past. I think Nadia’s soul is interceding the Almighty God to bring all your deeds out in the open so that others may not fall to your prey. Come out of the hole, fate is waiting to prowl on you.

dlp said...

Mouses's time is up. Now he is running helter-skelter to anyone he can think of. Inside he must be shivering but the mouse that he is won't show on his face. Inside the body, half of his organs must have already started mal-functioning thinking of his fate. Run mouse, run! At least we will have some fun.

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