MARGAO: Rajya Sabha MP Mr. Shantaram Naik said that there is absolutely no sense in the demand for Greater Goa by merging Konkani speaking areas of Karwar into the state,  instead Goa should insist on Special Category status for Goa.
In a lighter vein, Naik said that in the event of Karwar included into Goa, Margaret Alva or R Deshpande may one day become Goa chief minister.
“There is no sense of merging Karwar and other areas into Goa for various reasons. Already, one third of Goa’s population hail from outside the state and have settle here for many years now. In such a situation, there will be chaos if Karwar is merged into Goa
Secondly, he said that the size of the Goa Legislative Assembly may go up from 40 to 60 seats to accommodate the political aspirations of the people of Karwar and neighbouring area.
Moreover, he said that no one knows what would be their stand on language and added that the Karnataka government would never allow an inch of their land to be merged into Goa.
The suggestion came first from the PWD Minister, Churchill Alemao and Ravindra Kelekar, which are poised to create more tension and chaos already taking place.


dlp said...

Why Greater Goa??? Looting of our current Goa is not enough? Now want some additional revenue? Monkeys all. Will never be satisfied with what they have already looted. Sharks!

Dalia said...

What we have in Goa, the adminstration cannot preserve but loot. As dlp said rightly, the politicians are eyeing Karwar to loot what is left there. It will also be good for them to direct some Casinos under the Karwar bridge so from North to South, Goa can have floating casinos. Then, drugs are popular in Goa itself now they can extend it upto Karway. More assembly seats can be created and allot to their family members. What a noble idea? Chors of Goa, preservea nd maintain what you have. Do not ask for more trouble. You cannot govern a small state and what will you do when Goa becomes greater?

Shyam Sawant said...

What Mr. Shantaram says makes a lot of sense and he is right in saying so. Once greater Goa comes into existence, it might well be that Deshpande or Alva will be the chief minister of Goa. Well said Mr. Shantaram Naik.

Felix Mascarenhas said...

Thief Costao committed a mistake, by Killing Alvernaz Alemao, He should have got rid of Chorchill Cumao instead.

Joe Rebello said...

Like wise Mr. Shantaram please work on getting the Indian Navy completely out of Goa and make sure that you get them dumped in some desert where there is no food and water because in Goa they are after our land

Dalia said...

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dlp said...

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Robert said...

dlp, I can't stop laughing at "Suri ghevun....Comeon boys and gals, get to the chorus.La....La....La....

Anonymous said...

People.....this is a is called scare tactics. You scare people enough and then they have to vote for you because suddenly you come ahead as a saviour for Goa. This was a ploy by CHORchill, to get started and then to come out as a saviour of Goa -looking out for Goa..bogus....All they want is P O W E R!!!!!! They are POWER hungry....they are the new black rajas!

Unknown said...

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sachinrane said...

At present What shantaram Naik is doing as the goa govt is congress. The picture is clear last three election Marget Alva has lost the seat and people has shown Mr. Deshpande that you are old just get out of karwar and sit in Haliyal. Issue is only that karwaris come in goa from last 35 years for employment and settle here thats why the population of goa has increased and Goa has already rejected SEZ. So we should think over to take karwar in goa put SEZ in Karwar so that IT industries come here. well to become chief Minister the person will require at least 30 MLA if Karwar have 20 MLA seats and it is impossible that all 20 seats will be won by single party plus the rest 40 MLA will never support for Alva or Deshpande. I think Shantaram Naik is worried about his carier. Mr. Naik Help IT peoples to get jobs in Goa. Our borthers and sisters are strugling in pune, Mumbai & bangalore. Think that one day karwar population will become lesser and lesser and population in goa will increase all the time

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