The 5th Annual South Asian Film Festival will take place from September 17-20, 2010, in Goa. More than 50 films from South Asian countries will be screened during SAFF Goa. The gala event will be opened with a film from Afghanistan “An Apple from Paradise” A film on “distorted interpretation of religion in Afghanistan.
The annual South Asian Film Festival which was being held in New Delhi thus far is now moved to Goa .The Government of Goa and the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) are the co-sponsors of the festival, which is also being supported by Entertainment Society of Goa & Kala Academy, Goa. Kapil Sibal is the Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Festival that includes many prominent personalities of the region.
The SAFF has been receiving support & participation from all the eight South Asian countries - Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Maldives, Pakistan, Bhutan & India. While the Festival has been receiving support from the entire South Asian film industry, the support from the Indian film industry is exceptionally commendable.
South Asian Film Festival with the theme of dissolving boundaries is one of very few festivals that have been designed for a larger socio-cultural and political objective, and this is what sets it apart from the other festivals states a press release.
According to Mr Rahul Barua, Secretary General, South Asia Foundation, the organizer of the South Asian Film Festival, “We believe that films are the single most effective medium for improving communication and cooperation within the South Asian region. The influence of films on the psyche of the masses is enormous. It could be used for reinforcing the initiatives that are already underway for generating peace and harmony”
Different categories of films will be screened at the festival that includes Classic Films, Short Films, Documentary Films and Popular Films. The festival will feature, films from all era’s, from young upcoming directors to established award winning directors. The festival will feature some films with heart wrenching stories from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, India. These are “An Apple from Paradise” “Neighbor” “ Yeh Hindustan Who Pakistan” “Mukti”, “49th Day”, “Chorten Kora”, “ Kushu Thara” “Kagbeni”, “KhudaKushi” “Children Of The Pyre” and many more. It will also include some of the internationally acclaimed and award winning films. (DG)


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I would like to know how much money will be spent for this occasion, and how much will be pocketed individually. This money could be used to better the live of poor Goan Families.

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