The fate of 51 open cast iron ore mines now hangs in balance as they carried on mining without proper clearances from the state pollution control board. The board will decide soon whether the mining operations at these sites will be allowed to continue.
The state's top pollution authority also said that mine owners in Goa took pollution clearances for granted.
The Goa State Pollution Control Board had issued show cause notices to 51 mining operations, which were illegally functioning without pollution-related clearances.
Speaking to IANS, Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) chairman Simon de Souza said the documents submitted by the respective mine operators in response to the show cause notices were being scrutinised.
'We are processing the documents which the mine operators submitted. They have all been heard and a decision will be taken shortly,' de Souza said.
'Of the 104 mines operational in the state, only 42 had consent to operate under the Water and Air Act. The consent of 62 mining operations had expired,' he said, adding that of the 62, six were subsequently granted permission as their renewal applications were in order.
Four other cases were sub-judice and one was denied consent, De Souza said.  De Souza also expressed concerns about the unwritten norm in Goa, where mines blatantly operate despite expiry of tenure, under the assumption that they can continue extraction after putting in a simple application for renewal.
'The consent to operate under the Air and Water Act needs to be renewed every 2-3 years. However, these mine owners took it for granted that their permissions would be renewed even while their applications are still pending before the GSPCB,' De Souza said.
Illegal and unchecked mining is a sensitive issue in Goa with both civil society groups and the opposition repeatedly voicing their concerns about the issue.
According to data submitted in the monsoon session of the Goa legislative assembly, ore worth Rs.4,000 crore was illegally mined and exported to countries like China, Japan, and Romania.
Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar claims that nearly 18 percent of Goa's total 40 million mining output comprised of illegally mined ore. He has also accused Chief Minister Digambar Kamat and several of his cabinet ministers of being in hand-in-glove with the illegal mining industry.


dlp said...

Vishwajeet Rane, Rane, Rane....
Tunvem kitlea zoddleat anne
Hem sangunk naka konnem
Koutelem etoch voir tan appounnem

Pollounk dista matso boro
Subeiz pienakai re soro
Tum Valpoikarncho mog korta tor khoro
Vosun Msyem tollean jiv divun melear boro

Valpoikarank tumi mosko khavoun nagoile
Bore aslele jivan tankam bagoile
Niz Goenkar evun tumkam matxe haloile
Poskott'tte tumim funktale te paloile

Viva Niz Goenkar!!!

Dalia said...

dlp, just to continue your course, please accept a few verses from me: Dalia
..........Goencho Sorkar - Goencho Cancer
Rane Rane Rane Rane,
Tumi chin'tta apun munnon xanne,
Tumi Goenche vhodle Nogounne,
Devache etoch tumcam apounem,
Sozmat Devnchar ditolo tumcam tikkanem.

Iffernant tumi torostolet nastana doie'a
Sounsarant astana, zata titlem nagoun khaie'a
Bholsam borun, urta tem baki chorank khau"dea
Konachoch boball naka, sogle ugi rau'iea
Soglee ektaim zaun re Goem vattun khaum-ia.

Tuim Sequira, Mauvin, Luizin ani Narvekar
Tossoch Agnel, Monkey Mouse ani Salgaokar
Urleat tevui sangti, sogle tume gad'dar,
Goenche porjeche xirapani tumi re jietat.

Vhodlo Monster Goencho, posko Monster Rat
TCP post gheun tuven dakoili vait ti vatt,
Koxe porim Goenchea lugarachi launk ti vatt
Xetam puroun, conversion sompem korun,
Tea meren vaingonn' rovop ordeanim dilem sodlem.

Utt Goenkara, Utt Goenkara,
Hea sogleam chorank diat danvdavun,
Niz Goenkar eun fuddem sorun,
Drugs and drugs vikteleank,
Ghalat fondant, hatani duklun,
Morum di tancam, Goem zatelem nittol,
Fuddle pidgek, Goenchem varem melun nittol,
Goencho Sorkar, Goencho Cancer,
Goencho Sorkar zala atam Goencho cancer.

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