Panjim: Goa government on Wednesday decided to relocate the off-shore casino vessels within Mandovi river as against its earlier cabinet decision to shift them off into the sea.
Mandovi River Casino
Chief Minister Digamber Kamat told reporters after the cabinet meeting that the off shore casino vessels would be shifted at various points within the Mandovi river. The cabinet meeting was held today as the High Court is supposed to be informed about the relocation of off shore casinos by Thursday.
Kamat said the proposal to relocate these vessels mounted with casinos was moved by Captain of port, a department manning state's minor port at Panaji. Sources said all the seven casino vessels currently anchored on Panaji side of Mandovi River would be scattered at different locations. While three vessels would be anchored towards Ribander village, a kilometer away from Panaji, four others would be located at either side of Mandovi bank? Panaji and Betim village.
The state cabinet in February 2009 had decided to shift these vessels away from Mandovi river after protests from the civil groups. The casino managements had challenged state government's decision before the high court, which is being heard. (PTI)


diogofichardo said...

Before these casinos were introduced foreign tourists visited Goa to admire its natural beauty. Now that the land beauty has been destroyed with a concrete jungle we see the water ways are being sprouted with these ugly casinos. They are frequented by none other than criminals and corrupt officials . Does Goa need these casinos?

Robert said...

Is the government blind to see that they are already in River Mandovi? Challis Chors are blind?

dlp said...

Robert, they think we are fools like them. Why don't they drown them in Mandovi???

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