The main accused in about 30 cases of dacoity, robbery, vehicle thefts, impersonation and chain snatching, in Goa and neighbouring states, Michael Fernandes, had murdered a person in Karnataka six months before coming to Goa and forming a gang of robbers with Raju Devar's help.
"After his release from Sada, he along with a friend whom he had befriended in jail joined a gang of robbers who operated inter-state. He confessed of being involved with the gang in robbing a woman off her gold ornaments in Gujarat and even murdering a person in Karnataka with the aim of stealing his vehicle," said police sources.
However, Michael broke away from the gang as he was not being paid well. "He stole 50,000 from one of the gang members and escaped to Goa. In Goa he met Devar, who was operating a gang in Margao. They joined hands to rob people in Goa. While Michael planned the operations, the resources and man power was provided by Devar," said police sources.
After the gang was formed, they first committed robbery of 8 lakh in Belgaum. They then committed a dacoity in Raia, from where they took cash and gold ornaments worth about 7 lakh at gun point. After that the gang robbed a tempo driver at Quepem of 1.4 lakh.
"Immediately after this, they shifted to a guest house in Calangute and started committing crimes in North Goa. Two months back they shifted to the guest house in Siolim," added police sources. In Calangute, they robbed a local and two foreigners at gun point and in another incident they took 15,000 from two Pune tourists.
The gang was also involved in a chain snatching incident in Panaji where they posed as cops, besides an attempted robbery in a villa at Caranzalem, which was prevented by the alert owner who claimed to be a policeman's wife. They also chased a Porvorim resident late Wednesday night and robbed his mobile. Michael has also confessed to several cases of chain snatching.
On Thursday evening, Calangute Police raided the guest house in Siolim and found two persons-Raju Devar, 25, from Margao and a minor-in the room, while-YanJohn, 39, from Nagaland and Michael Fernandes, 25-jumped from the first floor of the guest house and tried to escape. Police, however, caught injured John, while Fernandes managed to escape on Thursday.
Michael was caught hiding in a hut in Colva by police on Friday. Calangute police have recovered a pistol with live bullets which was being used by Michael. John, who broke his ribs, is being treated at Goa medical college and hospital. (TOI)


diogofichardo said...

These guys have a big charge sheet, who were their backers? They should rot in Jail.

Bebdo said...

Mogal Goenkarano
Pls send the link of this site to as many Goans as possible. And also pls comment on this site so that the 40 chors know that they are being scrutinised by the Goans, not only in Goa, but also outside Goa. Don't fear these 40 chors. Soon they will become straw men. We shall then stuff them with firecrackers and light their pyre. They are following this site and are reading religiously the comments posted here. So pls don't allow the momentum of throwing them out in the next election slow down.
Tell all your friends and relatives not to vote for the following:
1. Chorchill the pig
2. Mickkey Mouse
3. Monster Rat
4. Pandu Madkaikar
5. Digu Kamat
6. Ravi the motorcycle pilot and matka bookie
7. Victoria - mummy and protector of the ghanttis from Chimbel
8. Manu Parrikar, the IFFI scandal rogue who tried to divide Goans on communal lines
9. Sudin Dhavlikar and his brother Deepak. Both are corrupt to the core.
11.Babu Azgaonkar -- a person who can't distinquish his head from his toe.
12.Felipe Neri -- who never takes a stand on any issue and pretends to work for the people but in reality is the sly fox.
13. Vishwajeet Rane -- the crook who is looting the health department and has encroached open space in Dona Paula.

If you guys have any suggestions, then please come forward.

Sandesh Gaonkar said...

Bebdo what about the other crooks - Should we leave them there? We do not need a single one of them in the political arena again.

Anonymous said...

Bebdo, you cannot throw the 40 chors out just like that. In the first place, they do not depend on literate Goencars to get elected. They have with them the chor Goencar like the ones who were protesting outside the Courts when Mickey mouse was put in jail, like the ones who keep writing on newspapers that the gadhikar's son is not in drugs, like the ones who pocket 500 or 1,000 rupees and feast on chicken and booze during elections, etc. Secondly they have enough vote stock brought from India called 'ghantis' to vote for them and have enrolled them in the electoral rolls.
We have to change our own chor Goencars in our neighbourhood FIRST. Else nothing can be achieved.

Dalia said...

Anonymous, very well said and I agree with you. Our first commitment towards ourselves should be not to elect these 40 Chors or their family members. It will make sense and a change too.

Bebdo said...

@ Anonymous ... I agree with you and I have been fighting all this time for a change in the voters' perception of the elections. We are creating an awareness here about the importance of holding a free and fair elections in goa. There will be some crumb eaters, but I feel a majority of the voters don't vote during the elections. They are the honest ones who are disgusted with the state of affairs in the state. We should organise them to vote against the 40 chors and teach them a lesson which they would never forget.
@ Sandesh ... I am against all the 40 chors, but these names of the biggest chors came to my mind first. I may have missed out on some of the bigger chors such as Mauvin and Alexio. Sure, they should be also shown their place and kicked out.

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