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Hungry for power! by Inacio Verdes Fernandes
It seems that the BJP is very hungry for power. Its prediction that the assembly election will be held earlier than scheduled is nothing but desperation, being six years out of power.
It has not changed its colours. Leader of the Opposition Manohar Parrikar did not even utter a word when Sanatan Sanstha activists were involved in the bomb blast on the eve of Diwali last year. Goa will be bombed and torn by communal riots if the BJP comes back to power.
God is watching by Obie Nogueiro, Navelim
We all say that God will punish and one has to pay for their wrong deeds, once they are dead and gone. It is false! The truth is we all have to pay and answer for our wrong doings whilst alive, because God watches us all.
The time is not far off when politicians who are paying the price for their misdeeds will soon be followed by their corrupt and evil colleagues.
Don’t impose Hindi by Arun Rao, Australia
“It has been the policy of the Government of India that progressive use of Hindi in the official work may be ensured through persuasion, incentive and goodwill.”
The Central government, in its resolve to spread Hindi, is acting in an unethical manner. It is trying to kill the language of the land by creating a false sense of ‘Hindi pride’. People feel inferior when they get an incentive for speaking/writing ‘Hindi’, and nothing for speaking/writing in their own langiage. Our government should start looking at all languages of India with an unbiased view.
Isn’t this corruption? by Joaquim de Souza, Margao
It is heartening to note that the CBI has begun an inquiry into the money matters of an NCP legislator. But many others in the government who have amassed disproportionate wealth are scot free, and basking in his discomfort. Does government service entitle one to amass wealth? Is it not the duty of the authorities to find out the source of this wealth?
There are strong rumours that for every job provided, lakhs of rupees are at stake. The same applies to contracts. Jobs are for sale even in anticipation of upgradation of facilities, is in the case of government hospitals. Isn’t this corruption?


diogofichardo said...

Hungry for Power: BJP derived from JP (check history) which was the peoples party, but unfortunately BJP has turned out to be exactly opposite disrupting communal harmony all over the place. How can Goans depend on these people that are supported by other right wing parties that have spread their wings into Goan Soil? Goans need to unite and form a third strong Party with true honest Goans in It.

Anonymous said...

Goa does not need BJP, NCP nor do they need the INC to govern them because these parties lead by example. BJP are partly trouble makers and the rest have fanatic religious ideologies. NCP out to takeover India's major sports bodies so that they could be under the cover of the bookies and gamblers. Finally, the INC rules the roost by corrupting every Indian since its inception in the 1800's. We got to look for a new dawn of certainty, by electing young educated youth, begin a revolution, a coup d'etat against the present uneducated, inexperienced, despicable and underserving leaders who misuse public office for personal gains.

Dalia said...

When Chorchill formed the Save Goa party, there were lot of hopes for the Goans that there will be a change and a chance to fight against the feudal Congress. Chorchill, as we all know is a chamaleon and soon changed his colour for the sake of PWD portfolio where there is so much for him to make and fill his pockets. Save Goa shaved Goa. For the Congress, it was a blessing as there is no threat from other parties and it can use it's energy just in fighting against BJP. Therefore, whichever party that may try to show it's head in Goa, beware of Congress, it's destined to destroy them so just Congress can rule Goa and loot at the same time. I had respect to Sonia gandhi when she showed keen interest to cleanse the party but now, she seems to be power corrupt. BJP is communual and one should be careful whilst voting for it but at the same time, this has been an advantageous situation for the Congress in Goa and elsewhere. UGDP is like a supermarket, you can shop for tickets, the corrupt advocates Redorao and lady Ana cleto are like vultures taking rest until elections.

Trupti Nayak said...

Yes, Mr. Parrikar was silent when the Sanathan Sanstha issue popped up. He did not utter one word about it in the Assembly. That shows that he is a supporter of terror caused by the SS. We should not vote BJP again to power.

Da Silva said...

If Goans do not act urgently, there is no doubt in my mind that in the near future MLAs and the Ministers in the Goan assembly will be from the two neighbouring states (Maharashtra and Karnataka). If you see the current flow of immigrants in Goa, within a few years time immigrant vote bank will be more than Goan voters. Then imagine what will be the state of Niz Goenkars. So, please without wasting any time form a party, give a name, create a party symbol, open an office and start recruiting members. Financially, the movement should survive on contribution as all the Goans abroad and in Goa should unite and move ahead not verbally but constructively.

Select one representative, each of three major religions (Hindu, Christian & Muslim) from three talukas, (Salcette, Ilhas & Bardez). But don’t lose the base goal of this movement which is unity, this should be the core of the organisation. Thanks to Menino for creating this platform for all Niz Goenkars to come together.

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