PANJIM: It is becoming increasingly clear now that the new proposed taluka of Dharbandora will be the smallest taluka of Goa. Official sources said that only two villages from North Goa will be part of the new taluka. Confirming this, North Goa collector Mihir Vardhan said that after a study it has been recommended to the government to include Usgao and Ganje villages from Ponda taluka in the proposed taluka.
Current Talukas of Goa
The remaning villages which will comprise the new taluka will be from Sanguem taluka, sources said. When it was first mooted in March end this year, the chief minister Digambar Kamat had said that the new taluka would be carved out from the existing talukas of Satari, Ponda, Quepem and Sanguem.
The government's rationale behind the move is to provide better administration and government services to the people in and around Dharbandora region. Villagers from the region have to travel for long distances to reach the taluka headquarters for official work. Enquiries revealed that no part of Satari taluka is proposed to be included in the new taluka which will be the twelfth taluka of Goa.
It may be recalled that during the preliminary discussion, a powerful politician had expressed reservation over inclusion of villages from Satari taluka in the proposed Dharbandora taluka. Vardhan, however, said that when Dharbandora will be the headquarters of the new taluka, practically it would not make things easier for the villagers of Satari.
When the intention is to bring the administration closer to the people, including Satari villages will not help them, he felt adding that they would have to travel equal distances if not more to reach the taluka headquarters.
The collector also told ToI that the administration has studied various aspects like the geography, population, contiguity, mode of transport, etc before recommending two villages from Ponda - North Goa district, to carve out a new taluka. Ganje and Usgao have around 11,000 population, he said.Enquiries also revealed that the new taluka will have around 22 villages and compared to others, it will be the smallest taluka of the state. Asked when the new taluka would be created, the district collector said that it is up to the government to decide.
Once Dharbandora taluka is created, both the districts will have equal number of six talukas. Currently, North Goa district consists of six talukas - Pernem, Bicholim, Satari, Bardez, Tiswadi and Ponda while South Goa has five - Salcete, Mormugao, Canacona, Quepem and Sanguem.
NIZ GOENKAR ADDS: I wouldn't agree at all for any part of our Satari to be severed and attached to the new taluka. This is nothing but a ploy to get more votes as the Ponda folks are aware of their MLAs structure now.


Shyam Sawant said...

Why do they want to create another taluka? What talukas we have in our small state cannot be managed by them. I think and feel that Vishwajeet Rane did the best not to give away even one village of Satari. Now this new taluka will come under Matka Pilot Naik.

Joe Rebello said...

I agree with you Shyam. The Health minister did the proper thing in not agreeing to this crooked plan of pocket filling of the home minister Mr. Matka Pilot Naik of Ponda. Soon his son Roy Matka Naik alias Roy Drugs Naik will start his business of drugs in the new taluka.

Dalia said...

Matka is not a suitable title for these two rogs, call them Charas Naikin and Hashish Naikin.

Joe Rebello said...

No Dalia, I think the names go according to their trades. Matka Pilot Naik for the home minister based on his trades, his son should be Drugs Matka Naik. Drugs being his trade name and Matka being his father's first name. Now his wife can be named Charas Matka Naikin.

Dalia said...

Joe, how about Paigambar Cowmuth? Monte Dongor of Margao call him either baba or Paigambar. For his own brethern of Margao, he is known as the Paigambar of the migrants. There has never been another cool CM who could actually pluck you the way he does pluck Goa in everything. Cowmuth is cow's urine that must be having better properties than our Paigambar.

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